The 10th Danielinthewolvesden pit thread-Collect them all

Lynn, John, Alpha
Sorry about opening up yet another Danielinthewolvesden thread, but I wasn’t comfortable hijacking Ben’s pit thread, where, among other things, Ben takes Danny to task about constant habit of calling Ben a Nazi. (That’s a whole different level of complaint), and I didn’t want to leave this in the Jack Chick thread. Jack Chick threads come around so rarely that they shouldn’t be hijacked by the following kind of thing. If I’ve guessed wrong, let me apologize in advance for the extra work.

<cracks knuckles>Now on to the Weasel. Let’s go over your lies in the Jack Chick thread point by point.


A lie.

YOU said it was a “straw man” argument. The ability to “explain and defend” has nothing to do with the “straw man” fallacy.


A lie.

Ok twerp. Put your money where your mouth is. Where exactly did I take any of those viewpoints out of context? Quote me and provide a link. I provided several web sites.

Besides, how can one take the fact that these people believe in a “water canopy” (the discussion at hand) out of context. They either do or they don’t.


Two lies: one about correct “rephrasing”, ironic considering the next point and a second lie, since Foxfyre was arguing the pro-creation ‘science’ side.

Did you actually follow the links that show the context? And besides, we weren’t discussing subtle nuances of meaning, we were discussing the specific beliefs of creation ‘scientists’.
“Where do creation ‘scientists’ believe the water came from?”, “How do they explain the fossil record?” I provided sites and most of the other people were able to provide equally accurate information.

Again, either put up or be branded as the lying weasel you are: Which SPECIFIC statement of a creation ‘scientist’ did I misrepresent. Be specific. Quote me…show me where I grossly distorted meaning.

Why yes. There was. Please feel free to check the thread. Not a transcript of a specific show, but since I didn’t quote a specific show, a transcript wasn’t necessary. You had claimed that "I used Hank Hanagraff(sp) as an example of someone with a national radio show who believes in creation ‘science’. I provided a link to his web-page where he where he espouses those same beliefs.

A lie. That wasn’t even close. Since I linked to the thread where he said it, why wouldn’t you simply quote him?

SEE Daniel’s amazing weasel powers! WATCH in awe as he squirms through the smallest written loophole! GASP as he grossly misinterprets meaning! See him wildly misquote (as opposed to getting a minor word choice wrong.)

You asserted several times (as you have here) that

(Your favorite phrase, regurgiated above, is “Who were [are] you debating with”?)
My question, as snipped by David B, quoted verbatim:

David’s entire response follows:

How in the world do you get “it should be ended” out of that? Since I linked to the page where David wrote it, you couldn’t have simply misremembered…

I’m stunned at your constant lies, I’m appalled at your ongoing attempts to associate people who disagree with you with Nazis, and I find your general demeanor on the board distateful.

Not that I expect this’ll change anything.


You are fast becoming one of the posters who’s stuff I check on the strength of the name alone.

Huzzah, I say, Huzzah!

READ with Wonder when DITWD comes in here and “explains” why Fenris is Wrong!!

are you selling tickets?

Originally posted by Fenris

Ben is a Nazi huh? That sure clears up alot of things.

Man, Daniel you spend more time in the pit than I do. Good luck dude.

Jeepers! I could make a lot of money here. Chronos wants to pay me to mention him in a post (That’ll be $5.00 Chronos :wink: ), Vanilla want to buy tickets! um…Let’s say $25 for the cheap seats, $75 to for the good ones. (Plus Cecil’s surcharge of 20%, of course, the Admin fee of 10% for Tuba, Lynn and Dex and the Mod Appreciation tax of 5%)

I could really clean up! :smiley:


Now let’s be fair. DITWD doesn’t always try to associate his opponents with the Nazis.

Sometimes he tries to associate them with the Klan.

You know, he made a lame attempt to explain this once. It was typical DITWD: Get something dead wrong and then try to weasel around the error.

So should it be Danielintheweaslesden?

Just curious, I don’t usually read too much of his stuff.

Wouldst thou deny us a link?


Here you go, Ben:

I don’t know if either of these are the thread spoke- is referring to, though.

The latter thread is the one to which I was referring.

Here’s the time line:[ul][li]**March 2000.**DITWD joins the Message Board.[/li][li]March 2000.. Wasting no time, DITWD inspires his very first pit thread. (I actually defended the little bastard in that thread under the misguided principle that we should make allowances for newbies.)[/li][li]March 27, 2000. I asked DITWD why he used “wolvesden” instead of “lionsden”. I pointed out that in the Biblical story, Daniel is thrown into a lions’ den, not a wolves’ den. (This is, I believe, the first time anyone had questioned him about his name.)[/li][li]DITWD ignores the question.[/li][li]March 31, 2000. Chef Troy, in the same thread, again asks DITWD about the apparent error in his username.[/li][li]DITWD ignores the question. Twice. Clear implication: He had no explanation. He had simply screwed up.[/li][li][June, 2000. (Three months later.) DITWD (for the first time as far as I can tell) comes up with the lame story “Uh, I knew it was lions, but, uh, I like wolves, and, uh, I didn’t want to compare SDMB posters with lions…”[/li][li]:rolleyes:[/ul][/li]
Like I said. Typical DITWD. Get your facts wrong. Get called on the error. Refuse to acknowledge the error. Come up with a convoluted explanation to “prove” that you really didn’t make an error at all!

Jesus’ comments about sending his “people” out as “sheep among the wolves.”

You gotta admit, that would have been a better answer for DITWD then the lame ass shit he came up with. “I like wolves…” So y’all are wolves and he likes you? What a fucking guy! Do any of you feel special knowing this? No? Can’t imagine why not.

I just knew that had to be the reason for the “wolves” reference.

Fuck. I hate it when I’m wrong. Goddamnit, I wouldn’t be wrong about it if he would have just told the truth and admitted that that was why he used wolves instead of lions.

Wait!! I got it! He just doesn’t want to hurt anyones feelings by saying that you are all a bunch of fucking carniverous, christian eating, wolves.

What a nice guy.

<btw- why is that christians can use any cuss word there is EXCEPT the word GODDAMN? DO they really think god is sitting in heaven and listening to them saying “fuck this or that”, “shit on your cocksucking face”, your mother sucks cocks in hell", etc… but if the word "goddamn is spoken all of the sudden god perks up and says “you spawn of satan, burn in hell!!”>

Once, a “christian”, (a very foul mouthed one), got mad at me when I used the word goddamn in his presence and told me I’d better not ever use that word again in front of him. Naturally I told him to fuck hisself and if/when he ever stopped all cussing then I would respect his wishes and not only would I not use that word but no other foul words in his presence. Think that ever happened? Needless to say, didn’t make for a very friendly co-worker. Fuck it. I really ain’t much of a “people-lover” anyway. Dogs are cool though. So are deaf & dumb (mute??) women.

Notice in the two linked threads that the explanation isn’t exactly consistent. Things that make you go hmmm…

Well, because in the Bible bad language is considered to be blasphemy, taking God’s name in vain, and not any of that other fucking shit.

Hi, folks.

Daniel is no longer a member of this board, having failed to heed the warnings the moderators gave him. Therefore, I’m going to close down this thread as it’s kind of moot.

Jalapeno_On_A_Stick- Sorry to sort of put the kibosh on the discussion by doing this; if you’d like to continue the discussion of why Christians have weird reactions to certain curse words, feel free to create another thread.