I would rather dance in a minefield . . .

. . . than talk about the bad Labor Day weekend I had. It was a mess. She came up to visit me, but wanted to hang out with everyone but me. Oh well. Life goes on . . .

The venting session is now open. Aire your grievances. Go for it, it’s on me . . .


It would take too long, and involves too many people. But suffice to say that my life is an absolute living hell. sighs

goes to find something to drink

That’s good Falcon. Good release. And cheers and beers to all them other silent ventings.

Ain’t this theraputic? Whew. I feel better already.


Vent? You want me to vent? Oh yay! You guys are really in for it now.

Those of you who aren’t bitter or not in the mood for this stop reading now. Danny unless you want to know how I really feel about the whole situation, I doubt you do, stop reading now.

Well as I’ve mentioned numerous times in my last few posts I was recently dumped by my boyfriend, very lame, very cliched line to boot. how could he see me as “just a friend” if only the week before he was kissing me and doing stuff with me that I would never even think of doing with a friend. Don’t you think he would realize that I’m just a friend in less than 7 and a half months? Especially after I finally started to trust him with things that I don’t talk to anyone about, I’m not the most open person in the world. I cried in front of him even and I don’t cry, I hate to cry, I avoid it at all costs. I trusted him with my heart, I may as well have handed it to him on a platter and now just a week and a half after he dumps me he’s acting as if nothing has changed between us, as if we can go back to being just friends, just like that. He’s also flirting with most of the female population of our class. Great guy ain’t he? then to add to all of a that a friend of mine asked if it would be okay if she wanted to date danny. What was I supposed to say? That my heart was in shards on the floor and that she should feel free to grind them into dust? I told her to go for it but I’m realizing that it’s going to hurt so much to see him with someone else. But I have no say in what he does with his life, I love him and I really care about him but I can’t judge can I? It’s his decision and I’ll leave it up to him.

End of rant

Now where is that beer you were talking about?


gives everyone a great big warm hug, for what it’s worth

gives BlackKnight a hug right back
Thanks I needed that, my ex seems to think that I should be feeling plenty loved right now (yes, we still do talk to each other) but I just don’t see how.


Sorry to hear it Tripler.

Though dancing in a minefield is a good way to describe relationships nowadays. Emotional battles and an air of uncertainty prevailing.


Adequate description of my life right now.


… and of mine on Friday.

Mono + Medication + Alcohol = Very bad idea.

Especially the night before you have to usher 200 people at your cousin’s wedding.


Kitty, Danny is doing the “let’s be friends” routine to draw attention away from the fact the he raked you over the coals. To persuade you to be civil to him after treating you like crap. In short, to avoid a guilt trip.

Don’t let him do it.

My BF bitched me out in front of my friends on Saturday night because I (jokingly) folded up $2.00 my friend gave me & stuck it down the front of my tank top.

Plus he kept me up for three hours last night with his godawfully loud snoring.

I’m not even sure I want to be his FRIEND right now.

“Right now I’m moving through my personal life like a hemophiliac moving through a razorblade factory”
-Robin Williams

Unsolicited advice:

Stella, between this and the housework thread I read a minute ago, I say you dump this dork. What the fuck is the big deal about putting money in your shirt? I don’t understand.

Grand-dad said that amount was Hooker pay. Maybe it was the $2.00 bill.

Ouch. That could not be more true for me these days.

When I opened this thread I thought it would be a game. Sort of like this:

Personally, I would rather dance in a minefield than…
watch The Man in the Iron Mask again. The movie is so bad it should have melted the film.

Uhh, I’m not really sure. He, uhh, doesn’t want other people to be aware that I have boobs or something, I guess. Um, you know, he bitched at me for like thirty minutes & I STILL don’t really know what he was bitching about. Maybe I wasn’t really listening.

I just didn’t have any pockets!

Stella - been there, done that, won’t do it again.

Someone who loves you will not get upset about such inconsequential behavior.

Someone who loves you will not bitch you out in front of your friends.

Someone who loves you will not bitch you out period - if they have a problem with your behavior, they will explain their problem in a manner that the problem can be resolved, which does not include abuse or insults.

Don’t accept such behavior, please. And I don’t blame you for not wanting to even be friends with him right now.

I respectfully disagree. I think its okay when my former-GF (Not ex-GF, ex means we broke or split up. Former means ‘unfortunately parted ways’) got upset at dumb (sometimes unsafe) things I did. But she told me tactfully, or found a way to joke about it in order to correct it.

It’s all about delivery . . .
Wise words from what seems like a wise-ass.

It’s delivery and perspective…

Doing something that could get you hurt is not inconsequential in my book. Doing something “dumb” depends on what you call dumb. I don’t consider stuffing a dollar bill in my bra dumb. Silly maybe, but not worth getting mad over.

Like when my ex got (very) mad that I bought a $3 dollar box of dye when he had some already. If we had been having trouble making the rent that might have been “dumb”. But we lived in a paid for house, and both had nice healthy savings accounts. Then, his anger was unacceptable.

Getting mad over a $3 box of dye? That’s truly ridiculous!!

&, just to clarify, he didn’t raise his voice or use bad words. He just made me feel really stupid in front of a bunch of my friends. Which, come to think of it, is bad enough…he just doesn’t always understand that I do silly, goofy things because I like to make people laugh. Hey, I’m a redhead…we’re always the comic foils, aren’t we?