Ice cream flavors

Pick one.

cherry vanilla

My favorite flavors, though I don’t know what this thread is actually about, are in order: Chocolate, cookie dough and mint n’ chip. I could only vote for one, so chocolate got it.

I voted for my second-favorite (cookie dough) before realizing there was an “other” option. My favorite is peanut butter swirl.

I had to look up “hokey pokey.” That was a new one on me.

Hokey Pokey is toffee flavored. Blue Moon is apparently more of a color of ice cream rather than a flavor, although it seems to usually be something fruit like.

I voted other. Almond (or amaretto), raspberry, cherry vanilla, irish cream, and pineapple-coconut are some of my favorites. Of the choices listed, I’d probably go with chocolate.

Cherry with chocolate chunks (so basically Cherry Garcia). The bigger the cherries, the better.

Toss up between chocolate and coffee. I went with the latter, partly because the quality of chocolate ice cream varies so widely, whereas I can’t remember ever having bad coffee ice cream. I’m very fond of plain old vanilla, too (especially with either hot chocolate sauce or a shot of espresso poured over it). Never heard of blue moon or tin roof.

My favorite flavor by far is peanut butter, I’m obsessed with the stuff since it seems to go well in everything. Unfortunately there are only a couple of store brands that make the flavor and most of them are fairly underwhelming, but I’ve had it at a couple of places that make their own and it’s phenomenal.

Butter pecan is the One True Ice Cream. However, Graeter’s, which is the best ice cream maker anywhere, does not make a good butter pecan.

Chocolate peanutbutter. Not the uselessness that is peanutbutter cup, but chocolate with big old veins of peanut butter running through it, such as is made by Haagan Dazs or, even better, Baskin Robbins. I used to work at Baskin Robbins as a teen and would often mine the peanut butter out of the tub when no one was looking.

I voted “mint,” but I really meant mint chip.

I voted coffee. I’ve never even heard of ‘blue moon’ or ‘hokey pokey’ ice cream.

Dreyer’s French Silk.

Vanilla is my go to flavor, though there’s a place near me that does a salted caramel that is unbelievably good.

Triple chocolate. Rich chocolate ice cream with a chocolate ripple and fudge brownie chunks. I become intoxicated.

Give me no other flavors of ice cream besides pistachio or mint chocolate chip, and I wouldn’t really miss any others.

Does Watermelon Ice count as “ice cream”? If not, I’ll second Cherry Garcia.

Can’t let the side down. Hokey Pokey it is.

I just found one that’s vanilla ice cream with orange sherbet mixed in. Creamsicles without the wrapper, stick, and drippy mess! My new favorite.