ID the 'noodle monster' '50s science fiction film

At least, I think it was '50s. I kind of remember seeing it on TV when I was about five in the '60s. I don’t remember much. ISTR that the monsters were kind of like the Horta on Star Trek. They were shaped that way, and they had tentacles. You killed them by bashing their heads/bodies open (with an axe?). Inside it was like they were filled with cooked macaroni.

This might have been a black-and-white '50s horror movie I saw when I was a kid. Or it might have been a B&W dream I had when I was five. Does it sound familiar? Was it a movie, or was it a dream?

Reminds me of The Creeping Terror, where the monster has been described as a “walking carpet.”

Here are some photos of the cinematic endeavor, from someone who enjoyed it way too much.

That would be my vote, too. But the brain creatures in “Fiend without a Face” did creep along on their spinal cords which might give a “noodley appendage” aspect to them.

Island of Terror

The monsters grab you with their tentacles and use them to suck out your bones. Loved it when I was a kid and didn’t hate it as an adult.

ETA. Oh, and the reproduced by splitting in two leaving a big pile of spaghetti.

That looks like it! :slight_smile:

1966, though. I would have sworn it was older.