ID the titless wonder

In his memoir I’D HATE MYSELF IN THE MORNING, screenwriter Ring Lardner jr mentions a conversation he had with movie producer Martin Ransohoff about a biopic of Jean Harlow (that was never made?) in which a woman was being cast to play Harlow despite her physical drawbacks:
" ‘And guess who they’re casting as Harlow?’ he exclaimed, naming a popular actress of the sixties whom he described, with evident disgust, as '‘the titless wonder’."

This conversation took place in the summer of 1964, so my question is: which actress was widely enough known at that point as small-breasted? My first thought was “Twiggy” but I think she first became famous a few years later. Jane Fonda, maybe? Seems a bit early for Jane as well. Your guess?

Peggy Lipton?

My mom used to call me the titless wonder. When I saw the thread title, I thought I was being outed!

She’d be later than '64 also –Mod Squad didn’t go on the air till '68.

The movie Harlow was released in 1965 with Carol Baker as Jean Harlow.

I wouldn’t describe Baker as “titless” but there’s no accounting for taste. Some of the other actresses reportedly considered for the lead were Jayne Mansfield and Stella Stevens. Compared to them, I suppose you could consider Carol Baker to be relatively flat-chested.

As for a famous actress of the early 60s who would be considered flat-chested, I think most people would agree on Audrey Hepburn.

A. Hepburn is the first one that came to my mind. Small chested, but in no way could you consider her less than stunning.

Ironically, Harlow herself wasn’t particuarly well-endowed. Men in the 30s were more interested in legs than breasts.

Well I do. I think she’s way less than ‘stunning’. I think she looks like a distended freak, and I always have. Now if you want stunning…

A list of unbelievably gorgeous women who are A-cup or smaller:

Keira Knightly
Angie Harmon
Charlize Theron
Most Japanese supermodels

I don’t think many of them were around in '64, though.

Not that it addresss the OP, but the first name that came to my mind when seeing the thread title was Ann Jillian.

Two biopics about Jean Harlow, both titled Harlow, were released in 1965. The big-studio one starred Carroll Baker (35B-24-35), the low-budget one starred Carol Lynley.

Carroll Baker is a bit titless:

Pretty darn cute though.


No, I’m not shocked, I’m just ogling.

I thought of Shirley McLane myself.

No, she would be the witless wonder.

That’s cold man. Funny, but cold. :smiley:

Ironically, who was cast to play Hepburn in her film bio? Jennifer Love Hewitt

I read that and I thought: “Dang. The only reason he’s going to get away with it is nobody else is going to get it.” :stuck_out_tongue:

Lynley wasn’t all that endowed, either. Cute, though.