ID this Russia teamed, stop-motion kids movie?

I was just wondering if someone could ID a stop-motion kids movie that I saw when I was a kid. I’d guess that it was made in the 80s or early 90s, but no later than 1994.

The movie took place in medieval Russia. A young man, our hero, is trying to get to the capital for some reason I can’t remember—it might have just been to find work.

On his way to the capital, he meets a few people who agree to accompany his on his journey, one of them is a peddler who has a collection of magic sticks. (Some were perpetually frozen, and would generate cold fire if you burned them, or something. Others, when planted, would grow overnight into stick-figure trees shaped like weapon-wielding humans.)

The hero and his friends somehow build a magic ship out of snow, which they use to fly to Moscow, while singing a musical number. (“We’re off to see his majesty the Tsar”)

Once there, after a few small adventures, they toss the ice-sticks into a sauna boiler (I forget why), and then plant the stick-figure-sticks in a circle around the city, making it look like a sizable army has suddenly appeared to lay siege to it. Using the threat of their “army,” they blackmail the Tsar into…hiring them as court servants. Happy endings for all, fin.

So…does anyone else remember this one? I’m pretty sure I saw it on PBS, if that helps.

So…was I the only person in the world to ever see this?

Sounds like it might be a version of “the Fool of the World and the Flying Ship”
Made in '90, Cosgrove-Hall

I think that’s the one. Thanks!