Idea for new Posting section

Perhaps the powers that be will see this.

It seems to me that there are a number of “Help me remeber…” or “Help me Identify…” posts. Perhaps an “Amnesia” or “Brainfart” section could be created to organize all of these posts? We could have “Brainfarts-Movies” “Brainfarts-Television”
“Brainfarts-toys and gadgets” etc.

I admit my share in propogating such posts. It is fairly apparent that these boards get a fair share of activity, and most posts have little to do with ‘"general questions’" A board like this appears to be needed, and perhaps could gain new members.

I don’t think it’d be feasible to create a new forum just for “help me remember” threads. If it has to do with movies or lyrics or whatever then it should be the threadstarter’s responsibility to start it in the right forum, and most of the time these kind of threads fit quite neatly into Cafe Society.

Additionally, exactly as you say, a new forum has a tendency to attract new members, or at the very least to spawn lots of new threads, and considering the current state of the server that’s probably the last thing we want.

Hard trade off, new posters or server strain. Lets hope we are moving in the right direction for this matter.