Identify That Obscure "Scrubs" Character

Some of them are actually real people!

  1. Enid

  2. Fred Bob

  3. Minnie McSkinny, Heidi Horseface, Rumple Fugly

  4. Sir Plunge-alot

  5. Sarah Briggs

  6. Chet

  7. Hailey and Cassie

  8. Sanchez

  9. Katya

  10. Whitney the Snapper

  11. Miss Busybody Smartypants

  12. Whit Prowdy

  13. Brantley

  14. Chauncey

  15. Frank Frachaman

  16. Mole Butt

  17. Bessie

  18. Harrison

  19. Clancy

  20. Nana Hobbs

  21. Nigel/Klaus/Efram

  22. Sasha

  23. Julian

  24. Malik

  25. Baxter

  26. Slappy Bag
    Hint: None of these characters are patients.

Mole Butt = Elliot

Enid = Dr. Kelso’s wife

Chet was an intern, I think. I distinctly remember Eliot saying “Chet!” in a very irritated tone of voice while looking like :rolleyes: but with bangs.

  1. Sasha is J.D.'s scooter.

I’m guessing Miss Busybody Smartypants is Carla

Whit Prowdy is the real estate Broker of the Year.

Baxter is Kelso’s dog. I think Nana Hobbs is J.D.'s grandmother.

  1. Nigel/Klaus/Efram - These are all alter-egos of The Janitor.

  2. Hallie and Cassie - I think these are the friends of Jordan’s that came to visit and drove Cox nuts.

  1. Bessie. Dr Kelso’s car.
  2. Slappy Bag. I’m pretty sure that is Turk.

Sanchez is The Janitor’s pet crow.
Minnie McSkinny was another name J.D. and Turk used to refer to Elliot.

Actually, Minnie McSkinny, Rumple Fugly, and Heidi Horseface are three previous ex-girlfriends of J.D. Elliot was just Mole Butt. Chet was the really tall intern, who’s face we never saw, and who’s coat J.D. used to play the world’s tallest doctor.

Bessie is Dr.Kelso’s car. Julian is the manatee who lives in the underground passageways underneath the hospital’s parking lot. Malik was the name of J.D.'s Volvo, before it caught fire.

  1. Whitney the Snapper

One of Turk’s college girlfriends.

Harrison is Kelso’s son.

  1. Chauncey

That would be the talking parrot J.D. gets so he doesn’t have to break bad news to patients.

  1. Katya - J. D.'s “pillow girlfriend”

Brantley is the son of the obnoxious woman in the park who asked to borrow one of Jack’s balls.

You guys are kicking ass. This is the only incorrect answer so far.

I thought Hallie (Hayley?) and Cassie were names that Elliott gave her eggs (from her ovaries, not the carton)>

  1. Malik was JD and Turk’s old car that blew up before they got the scooters.

Damn! I just realized that bouv beat me bad.

Nana Hobbs was a little bit racist if I recall correctly.

  1. Sir Plunge-a-lot: it’s the name the nurses call the janitor behind his back, I believe.

  2. Cancy: is Jd’s one chest hair.

24 Malik: JD’s first volvo, it was brown, and mysteriously caught fire when Turk was using it.