Identify this 80's song for a friend

Here’s another possibility, though it doesn’t have most of the lyrics you’ve mentioned. The Canadian band Trooper had a song called Round, round we go, released in 1978. Lyrics should be here, though I was having trouble with the specific song this morning.

Oh my, this is insane… it’s not the one by Ratt, Trooper (already had this one, and it’s good!), Van Halen, Chris Issak, or Steve Miller Band. I could not find the one by Belouis Some, or the one by Robert Hazard, and that last one could be it.

However, the Alan Parson’s Project one intrigues me, because the song sounds like it could have been done by them. Do you have a title? Or anymore info on the Robert Hazard one? Or just some more suggestions??

By the way, the song is no where near hard rock. It’s comparable to Bryan Adams’ “Run To You” on a level of “rockiness” if that helps anyone.

I don’t think this is it, but it was the first song I thought of:

Round and Round by the Strawbs

“After all it’s just the revolution I despise
The dawn of revelations and the flower power prize
And I pity those poor children with no sunshine in their eyes
Round and round we go
Round and and round we go.”
Help any?

For some reason I still have this weird, uncanny feeling it might be my suggestion.

Just keep looking on Kazaa for it. There’s where I found it. I have my “copy” available online.

BTW, the guy was from I think either Boston or Philidelphia. He had one or two one-hit-wonders likely in the North Eastern US, and parts of Canada (Escalator of Life and Change Reaction).

Well, I managed to locate your song, and it’s incredibly similar to the song I’m talking about, however, it’s not the one!!! I thought it was, right up until I heard the chorus. It’s a good song though! I’ve got quite a few good songs out of these attempts to name my mystery one… but this is weird. Because I’ve heard this song on the radio several times before, thought it might gave been pretty well known, but my lyrics searches come up with nothing. I’ll continue to listen for it, and when I find out what it is, I’ll make a topic out of it. Anyone else have any ideas for me to try?

You can rule out the Robert Hazard song. I dusted off that old EP and listened to it. There’s no “'round and 'rounds” or “tangled webs”.
Hahaha… I listened to “Escalator of Life” and “I Just Want To Hang Around With You” while I had it out. “Escalator” is a pretty bad song, but “Hang” kicks ass.


For some reason Todd Rundgrund (I know thats spelled wrong) popped into my head. Could it be one of his 80s songs like “Up All Night”(or was that the Boomtown Rats?), or “Feet Don’t Fail Me Now” . I don’t have any of these, so I cant check, but thats what popped into my head. Maybe it’ll make something click in someone else’s head anyway.


sounds like the Cars, can’t think of the tune right off…but give me a few minutes

I checked most of the Alan Parson’s Project lyrics, and found nothing…

nitroglycerine: Wow, another Robert Hazard fan! The calibre of people on this board never fails to impress :smiley:

I wouldn’t exactly say I was a FAN, its more like one of those guilty pleasure records. hahaha


Spandau Ballet’s Round and Round?

…and I lied…I didn’t look up the lyrics of “The Ring” on the Freudiana album from the Alan Parson’s Project…

t-keela, I think the Cars song you are thinking of is I’m Not the One. The chorus of that song is:

Goin’ round and round (round and round)
‘Cause you can’t get on your feet
Goin’ round and round (round and round)
Still takin’ all the heat
Goin’ round and round (round and round)
Never touchin’ down

But there’s no trace of “tangled web we weave” in there.

Maybe…then how 'bout Uriah Heep

Sorry I forgot about this thread. :frowning:

[I met Robert Hazard. Bought a little wall mirror from him at a yard sale.]

Is it “Wild Goose Chase” by MIKE P and JN_Parisienne

<i>Round and round we go,
Looking for songs that we don’t know.

Oh oh…oh oh

What a tangled web we weave.</i>


Round round get around
I get around
Get around round round I get around
I get around
(Beach Boys)

Alas, no webs in this one either, damn. I’m getting curious now myself.

Anybody seen Mike? He got this started…:confused:

Just for the heck of it, I’ll mention “Eyes of a Child” by the Moody Blues. Lyrics include the following:


Or maybe it’s “Round and Round” by Neil Young. The chorus goes like this:


Im still here, this song doesnt seem to exist:eek: