Identify this 80's song for a friend

We’ve both tried google and had no luck. It sounds like an 80’s rock song and he says its somewhat famous. The Chorus goes “oh oh” OR “oh no” OR “uh oh” (one of those combinations) and “round and round we go”. At the end, somebody sings “tangled web we weave”. Any help is appreciated.

Genesis - Throwing it all Away


Nope, that’s not the one… I’m the friend, and I know that 80s song. The one I’m talking about is different. Since I’m from Canada, there’s a possibility that it’s a song by some lesser known Canadian band. But I know I’ve heard it before, and I thought it was pretty well known.

The chorus almost certainly goes “Oh no, oh no, 'round and 'round we go,” yet Google gives me nothing…

I’ll take a guess. Though I don’t remember the specific words, it sounds similar to “Oh Leah” by Donnie Iris.

arg, I don’t think that’s the song either! Any other possibilites?

My first thought was Dead or Alive’s “You Spin me Round,” but that doesn’t fit your lyrics very well.

How about Prince, “Round and Round”?

Here are just some possibilities (not hitting your dates right at all, and only partially getting lyrics). I do not have a sound card on this computer, so I can’t listen to these and figure out if they might make sense (for the ones I don’t know):

Incubus, “Circles”
Richie Sambora, “Hard Times Come Easy”
Rolling Stones, “Rip This Joint”
Yes, “The Solution”
Fish, “Institution Waltz”



Gad, this kind of thing makes me crazy.

Is the singer male or female?

Can you sing the tune, save it as an mp3 and link it?


Hmm, the Prince song isn’t it, and I’m trying out the others, although it seems unlikley. The voice is of a male, and some of the other words I heard during the song were:

“What is love”
“Begin to show”

and that

“Tangled web we weave” at the end. It’s kinda slower at the start, a bit more rocky during the chorus. Seems pretty 80s to me, maybe 70s. And the parts I remember are a bit to much for me to attempt singing… and I really want to know the answer too!

well, the Eagle’s song “saturday night” has:

“what a tangled web”

and has the words “show” and “round” in it.

Is it heavy metal? Ratt had a song called “Round and round.”


Arg, I can’t believe it. None of those songs appear to be the one I’m after! Who would have guessed so many songs have to do with “Round and Round?!” The only two that I havn’t tried and it might be are:

Yes - “The Solution”
Fish - “Institution Waltz”

I’ll keep trying them, any other ideas here??

Around and around by Chuck Berry?

Shoot, that’s not it either, this is a real head scratcher!

I’ve been following this thread since this morning – and if someone doesn’t come up with the answer, I will GO INSANE along with wakimika.

I know every freaking 80’s rock song there is, and my first thought was also “Round and Round” by Ratt.

It’s not a song by Van Halen is it? It’s a long shot but they have a song that has the lyrics “round and round” in it. I think the song’s called Running Around or Run Around or something along those lines.

I;m really going out on a limb, here, but from the Pretty in Pink soundtrack, Round, Round by Belouis Some ?

I can also say that I practically know every 80s song ever :slight_smile:
What genre is it? Like hair band rock? New wave?

I’m from Canada, so I know a lot of obscure Canadian 80s new wave bands.

Change Reaction - Robert Hazard!!

Well, Steve Miller Band has Abracadabra, but it only has half of what you’re looking for.

Is there not an Alan Parson’s Project song that has the other half, or better yet, both? I’ll investigate…

Chris Isaak’s Round ‘n’ Round has some of those elements in different orders.

It starts -
“Here we go round 'n round
State your case and then sit down”

and ends -

oh oh oh oh
Round round round round round round round
Here we go"

but it was released in 1993.