Identify this cartoon! Please!


So way back in the 80s as I was a young lad, there was a cartoon on TV in Canada that lasted about 1 minute and came one between other Saturday morning cartoons.

The cartoon was essentailly an illustrator that drew a line, and then a character still attached to the one line. Then the character would walk along the ground/line and interact with things that the animator drew and the animator himself.

The character had a big nose, a distinct lack of forehead, and didn’t speak so much as make sounds to convey emotion (much like the Charlie Brown teacher thing). I seem to recall that the background was constant though it might change colour to help reflect mood, etc.

The cartoon was probably french in origin (I think) and might have been a Telefilm or a NFB production.

Does anyone rememberthis cartoon, and if you do, tell more of what you know about it. Also, WHAT IS IT CALLED?!?!?!

Thanks all.


Yeah, I recall the same thing, but I seem to think it was (in the US, at least) during 70s on ABC as a “bumper” between shows like Schoolhouse Rock. It may have been in one of the PBS kiddie shows instead.

Is this what you are refering to? (Click on La Lina) La Lina created by Osvaldo Cavandoli was also featured on the Great Space coaster

I was JUST going to mention that…

You all rock.

That used to play in NZ on a show called After School. But it never had any opening titles or anything, and was only referred to by the host as “Wahanui” which is a Maori word that means Big Mouth. So I knew exactly what you meant, but didn’t know its correct name.

And he seems to be the inspiration for the intro for the British version of “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”

I almost mentioned GSC, but I wasn’t sure, so I fudged it with “PBS kiddie show” :slight_smile:


Also, speaking of drawing lines on PBS… I used to Love Sesame Street, when they whould have that hand and Quil do the line drawings… I was like… I want to do that!!