Identify this men's fragrance?

So, a friend of mine has run out of his favorite cologne and I’d like to get him another bottle for a Christmas present. He told me the name, but I don’t know how to spell it and my attempts at going through lists of colognes to find something that looks like it could sound that way have been fruitless so far.

What he said sounded like: am-boo-jie or ambojet. I thought maybe he was mispronouncing ‘ambrosia’ but I couldn’t find a men’s fragrance with that name either.

It isn’t a brand new fragrance, he’s been using it for awhile and it probably isn’t something he got from a drugstore or walmart or target.

Does anyone have any idea what this could be and where I could find it?

Maybe Anucci?

Acqua Di Gio?

Could it have been Aubusson?

Hmmm, Anucci might be it. It definitely has a sound similar to the ending of that one. I wish I knew what the cologne he wants smells like. I can’t imagine that it would be a very strong scent, he’s pretty low key about that stuff.

Do you mind if I piggy-back on your thread?

Sometime in the past 5 or 6 years I found and purchased a bottle of men’s cologne that I really liked at one of those cologne/perfume stores at a high-end Atlanta mall. I want to say that it was called “Firm”, but I have had no luck at all searching for a cologne by that name. It cost $40-$50 for one bottle, and the primary scents were cedar and sandalwood, and it was quite strong.

The bottle itself was solid white and rectangular, with rounded corners. It didn’t have or need a cap because the pump mechanism was built into the bottle itself via a white plastic button that was flush with the top of the bottle when not engaged. Pressing on the pump button sprayed a dose of the fragrance out of the inconspicuously flush nozzle that was also white. The depressed the button went down into the bottle so that it was no longer flush. It is kinda difficult to describe, and it was a very unique bottle.

If this rings any bells for anyone and I can manage to get the correct name, I will be forever grateful. This has been driving me nuts for years. I tried going back to the same store last year, before moving back to California, and no one knew what I was talking about. I think maybe it isn’t being produced anymore, which would suck. :frowning:

That sounds like the Armani bottles, ComeToTheDarkSideWeHaveCookies. Was the bottle like this, but white?

They have one called Remix which I don’t think is what you’re looking for, but hey- it’s in the right direction, I think.

Oh, and here is their women’s, which is in a white bottle: Linky .

I’m probably way off, so I’ll slink away now. Your bottle description just reminded me of that!

Close, but not quite. Thanks for trying!

The shape and size was roughly equivalent to a deck and a half of stacked playing cards where each card has 4 rounded corners. Stacking them together creates a solid rectangle with 4 rounded edges/corners. The button would be located in the middle of one of the shorter sides of the deck.

There’s really no way to try and describe it without sounding like a complete geek or completely crazy, it would seem. :slight_smile:

Well it turns out that Hampshire was right. Apparently, to complement my gray, I need to accessorize with a hearing aid.

Thanks everyone.

CTTDSWHC, could it be Truth by Calvin Klein?

Men’s fragrance, perhaps Anheuser Busch?

The description sounds close, but the bottle is different. I will have to give it a whiff the next time I have the chance. I’m far from a connoisseur, so how common is it for the bottles to change? Most of the colognes I like and am familiar with have never changed the bottles since I’ve been aware of them.

I really should be doing some work today…

Could it be Rush by Gucci?


You are my hero!!

You’re welcome. :slight_smile: