Identify this movie from a half-remembered shred of a scene, Pt. 58,329,883

About ten years ago I saw a movie on TV. You know how the most random things can get stuck in your head? Well, there’s a scene in this movie where a guy in a beard or mustache tears a page out of a book and rolls a cigarette with it. It may have been the Bible, but it was probably just an average book. Being a bookworm who never deliberately destroyed property, this was quite a shocking thing to see. I think of it any time someone mentions rolling cigarettes now.

I’d say the movie would have been made in the 1960s or later. It was in color. The guy who rolled the cigarette may have been some revolutionary type, or the film may have been about a revolution. The cigarette roller would have been a white or hispanic guy in his late 40s - 60s, with dark hair. Any or all of these details may be misremembered.

Dunno if I’m close, but in “Dances with Wolves”, a Cavalry soldier played by Charles Rocket (famous for fifteen minutes for being fired from SNL at the end of his first episode for saying “F*ck”), tears a page out of Kevin Costner’s journal and uses it to wipe after he, errr, evacuates his bowels.

Can’t remember if he uses another page to roll a ciggy, though. Or if he’s clean-shaven or not.

Hmmm, I don’t think that’s it. I’m thinking the movie would be older than that - late '60s through 80s. I also think the movie took place in a foreign country - the USSR, perhaps?

Charles Rocket lasted for an entire season on Saturday Night Live and was not fired for what he said.

Any chance this was a version of “1984”? There was a scene like this in it.

Maybe - I’ll have to check it out. Looking at the imdb page, a user describes the film as having “grainy, washed-out, desaturated colors,” which is how I remember it looking. Thanks!