Identify this music video program of the 1980s

Can someone please help identify a music video program I remember from the mid-1980s? Here are the details I remember, though as it was so long ago I may have gotten some of them wrong.

This would have aired on American or Canadian network television (CBS, NBC, ABC, CBC, or CTV) late Saturday morning or early Saturday afternoon. The show’s opening sequence featured a bunch of teenagers waking up in their respective houses and getting ready to go out and hang out with each other. At least one of them (a blond guy with glasses) had a car. The theme song which played over this sequence had the refrain, “It’s my video, it’s my video…” The program itself was, I think, just half an hour or an hour of the latest pop music videos; I don’t remember there being any hosts.

I guess this is what teenagers interested in pop music watched if they didn’t have MTV or MuchMusic on cable. I never watched the show myself – I wasn’t interested in pop music at the time and knew of the show only via channel-flipping – but I’ve got part of the theme song stuck in my head and it’s driving me crazy. I’d love to be able to watch the opening sequence again if it’s online anywhere.

You’re not thinking of the intro to Kidd Video, are you? They sing “From my video to my radio”, not “It’s my video, it’s my video”.

That’s the one, thanks! I had no memory of it being a cartoon, though that’s probably because I’d always change channels while the opening sequence was still playing. :slight_smile: