Identify This Song, Please!

I think it’s from the early 90’s or so, I heard it quite a bit at the time, but I just can’t remember what the name of the song was, or who did it.

The only thing I really remember now was the chorus, which went, “Girls who dig boys that like girls who dig boys…” (and so on), or something very similar to that.

Ring a bell?

I believe you mean Girls & Boys by Blur, from the album parklife. 1995ish.

Wow. I was just about to post that I could almost remember it and it was going to drive me crazy too, when my SO came up with it. Apparently he is good for something after all.

Blur. Girls and Boys.

But apparently he came up with it 4 minutes too late.

That’s it! Thanks a lot to all three of you!!

that Rasa she kicks ass.

I’m telling you.

Even is she does like [shudder] Phish