Song Title (wooohooo!)

There’s this rock song I’ve got stuck in my head and all I can remember from the song is one word:

I can’t think of much more that that. Does anyone know what I’m talking about? I remember it being an older song, or at least having a sort of classic sound to it.
Please help before I go CRAZY!

Well, with so much to go on…

How about “Song 2” by Blur? That’s the one most people refer to as “The Woo-Hoo Song”.

You MUST be crazy to only give that as a clue!

It wasn’t “Song 3” by Blur, was it? That actually sounds more like “Weeeehoooooo!!” to me, but it could be what you’re talking about. This cool guitar-only riff for a few bars, followed by this full-on carpet-bombing guitar-drum-bass thing with the “Weeeehoooooo!!” part? I guess there are lyrics, but they’re definitely not the focus of the song. I love that song!!

Damnit!! Not only did I type “3” instead of “2”, but Smeghead beat me to it!! Damn 56K modems…

it is Blur, but you’re right, I am Crazy!
woohoo!.. hah Shh… don’t tell anyone, but I downloaded the song off ??pster…

thanks people

This marks the first time in my SD life that I have succesfully identified a song for someone. Yay me!

I just saw the thread title and before I’d even read the OP thought “Must be Song 2 by Blur”. It does tend to stick in one’s head something fierce.

[sub]Speaking of which, thanks a helluva a lot, bub. “Woohoo” indeed. :([/sub]