Ideology? I don't have the patience for an ideology!

A cow-orker of mine just shared an interesting philosophy with me. He is Persian by birth and has struggled (politically) against the Iranian regime most of his life. He’s served time for being a political activist against the current/recent Iranian administrations. He’s a Canadian citizen (was a landed immigrant) and has recently received his green card as a permanent US resident. When I congratulated him on the news and asked when he’d be a US citizen, he expressed his reluctance to become an American because he would then, in his words, have to, “Accept responsibility for Vietnam, Panama, Iraq and a long list of recent related American Imperialist traditions.” :eek:

I probed a little more about his political bent but decided not to pursue it too far in an office setting. I realized our politics diverged quite distictly as he is still a self described political activist on a list with the RCMP and FBI for Iran related political issues, while I’m completely apathetic about most causes that would require me to leave the comfort of my life and carry a cardboard sign.
So I got to thinking… perhaps it’s just me. Perhaps I’m just terminally cynical or lacking in deep moral convictions. But this is just some of the stuff I believe and actively practice to a greater or lesser degree:

  1. Imperialism is bad but I’d rather it was American Imperialism than the available alternatives (and I’m Canadian).
  2. Animals are cute and cuddly and some are delicious when grilled.
  3. Politics are to be avoided.
  4. Party line politics are to be avoided at all costs.
  5. Speed limit laws are more like guidelines.
  6. Money can’t buy happiness only when you can’t afford the market price.
  7. Love comes at a price. Never miss more than three payments.
  8. Work smarter, not harder.
  9. If it’s not important to make a decision, it’s important not to make a decision.
  10. Activism (political, et al) is really annoying to the rest of us who don’t really care about your cause.
  11. Private schools are bad because they run them like a business.
  12. Public schools are bad because they run them like a flop house.
  13. I’m responsible for the moral and ethical education of my children (I know… irony). I expect schools to just teach them the arts and sciences. And please stick to the facts.
  14. Religion… don’t get me started.
  15. Girl/Boy Scouts… see religion.

In short, as evidence would suggest, I’m a lazy bastard with almost zero interest in activism and making this world a better place for anyone except my immediate loved ones. Furthermore, the way to make this world a better place for them is to teach them how to best cope/work/use the established order. Let the activists march to change the world. I’d rather drive to the gym and then browse my favourite bookstore with my $3.50 coffee in hand.

Clearly, I don’t even have the patience to post in the right forum.


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You’re neat. I like the way you roll.

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:rolleyes: Speaking as someone who did immigrate & become a citizen, I find this abhorrent. I have heard this logic before, but the fact remains that if you choose to live here, it’s now your country. Our laws are looser and dual citizenship is easier to obtain (even I’m thinking of getting it) but you should still be a citizen.

Anyway. What you speak of, **Quickie ** baby, is the hedonistic lifestyle and I, too pursue it. You only go around once.

I hear they have special clubs for people like us. We should go. :wink:

It all depends on the refractory period.

<ducks… runs…>

Together? Why Quickie…I’m just not that type of girl.

Quicksilver, it’s easy to be lazy/complacent when you haven’t had bad shit on a grand scale (not just daily personal things) happen to you or people you love. It’s not necessarily a BAD, thing, just the way it is.

I hear what you’re saying but PETA people don’t have bad shit happen to them on a daily basis any more than any other average North American. Yet they are up in arms almost daily. Same for Greenpeace activists and hardcore environmentalist who destroy public and private property.

Some Christians in America feel discriminated against. So do some atheists. There are wingnuts on both ends of the political spectrum ready to accuse one another of being fascist or communist at the drop of a hat. They don’t seem hard done by. Would hardly consider them to be political dissidents.

My cow-orker probably went through some awful stuff in his life. I’m sure he’s got an axe to grind with his former abusers. But to come to a relatively free and peaceful host country, accept the benefits and then stand on a high moral ground soap box because of some past wars he wasn’t even remotely involved with? :dubious:

Some people just need more attention than others, I suppose.

Speaking of apathy, most people can’t even bother to respond to a thread about it. :smiley:

You make some interesting points, though. I have a lot of beliefs and ideas, but not many that I’ll go out in the rain and picket for, either. I suspect us North Americans are a fat, lazy lot. Just wait till the Chinese take over. They’ll whip us into shape.

Not true. Sometimes you just feel helpless. You’d rather enjoy life then fight a losing battle.

As you wish.

Tell me of this newsletter, if you will.

I can understand why people feel this way — one of my best friends in college would stick her fingers in her ears and go LA LA LA LA if political subjects came up in conversation — but the drawback is that the withdrawal of regular people from politics creates a vacuum that the wingnuts are happy to fill, as we see clearly in the disconnected squabbling in D.C.

Not sure there’s a good solution, either.

Oh, but there is. Come the revolution my friend… :smiley:

There’s a subscription fee of $250 a year. But new members get a free plain grey t-shirt. It makes a clear and concise statement on all the important issues.

'Course, all that gets us is a whole new collection of wingnuts.

I can sort of understand where’s she’s coming from.

I’ve taken just a couple of political science classes. The first because I thought I should, all that stuff sounded idiotic and so many evidently intelligent people wouldn’t spend their lives doing something idiotic. It was obvious I needed some good learnin’. When that class was over, I not only thought they were idiotic, but a bunch of shifty bastards, on top of it.

Years later I took another just for fun, because maybe I’d grown since my college days and could now better comprehend the delicate ballet that is politics. Yeah. In this case, ignorance would have been bliss, but darned if I can’t get the toothpaste back in the tube.

QuickSilver, I must admit I’m curious as to what your take on religion is, exactly.

All right… but remember, YOU asked.

I’m fine with it. I mean, I’m fine with it as long as it’s your own personal thing and you don’t feel the desperate need to share it with me or make me (or others) believe what you think I should believe. Rationalize it any way you want to yourself if it makes you happy. (And I can appreciate that for many it provides comfort.) Just leave me and mine the hell out of it.

See? I warned you. I’m contravercial! :smiley: