IE6 prints blank webpage

I can’t find the fix at Microsoft. Netscape prints a web page, but IE prints it blank.

Any web page, or just one particular URL? If the latter, post the URL.

Check the Preferences and make sure that you have background printing turned on. If you don’t and try to print a page with white text on a dark background, guess what you get…blank paper.

If that is only a problem for specific sites it is possible that the author wanted to prevent printing for some reason. Using stylesheets you can define different styles for different media. This can be used to turn a colored page to plain black-on-white for better legibility or similar things. However you can also use it to prevent some (or all) elements from being rendered in print.

That would be

Updating IE 6 with SP 1 fixed it.
Now, anybody know why WIN98 would have no desktop icons or status bar except in safe mode?