If a guy looks ugly with short hair, does that mean he is ugly overall?

Say you have a guy when he has long hair is a total heart throb for some women, he looks attractive to women and they love him. Yet when he gets a haircut it is almost like he goes from attractive to below average looking.

Does it just mean he is plain ugly?

Maybe it just means he has a bad haircut.

No, it doesn’t mean he’s ugly. I’ve dated quite a few guys who are hot bald and would look very questionable with hair. And I don’t even like bald.

Means he has a big nose. The long hair hides it.

Long nose hair?

nono, nose hair wouldn’t hide the nose! she’s probably talking about his eyelashes.

I don’t see why it means anything beyond “he looks better with long hair.”

Hugh Jackman as Jean Valjean - prisoner

Hugh Jackman as Jean Valjean - business owner


You two made me snicker and laugh out loud. :slight_smile:

He can always buy a wig, until his hair grows out. I knew a guy once who worked at an up-scale restaurant who had long hair, and he had to wear a short wig for his work (he was a waiter).

What’s your point? Both pics are hot. In fact Hugh Jackman would be hot in any hair style, even bald.

panache - Really? I think he has funny-shaped ears and his brow ridge is too prominent without hair to balance it out.