If a person wants sex more than 3 or 4 times a day...

Does that make them a “Sex addict”?
Tomcat’s Thread on length of time from sex to next bout of horniness induced me to think about this…

I’ve had sex four times in one day a handful of times…and three times in one day once or twice a month. And this is with a woman, mind you, not myself. Does that make me a sex addict? I don’t know. I do know it makes me a lucky bastard.

Sexual addiction is when the obsession with sex interferes with one’s life. It can’t be defined by the frequency of sex. If a couple engages in sex 5 times a day, every day, and still gets their work done, the groceries bought, the kids cared for, etc. with no problems with intimate chafing, then its not an addiction.

Conversely, if one’s pursuit of sex once a week leads to missing work, lying, cheating, recurrent sexual infections, unfulfilled obligations, etc. then its a problem.

An addiction, by the looser psychologic definitions (as opposed to physiologic definitions) is persistant engagement in a behavior despite persistant negative consequences from said behavior, which outweigh any positive outcomes.

Thank you Qadgop the Mercotan,

I think I’m ok then…

Okay??? You’re damn lucky!

Someone wants sex 3 or 4 times a day?

OK, well, when you get to Portland, take I-84 west from the airport, get off at 42nd Street, go 3 blocks east to 39th and proceed south. When you cross Division Street, start looking for the traffic light at the end of my street …


“damn lucky” only if you’re partner’s libido is as high as your own…

damnit…your NOT you’re

Hell, you’re lucky in my book if you have a partner!

In sociology of health and medicine the prof told us about a Nigerian who turned up to an Australian GP complaining of impotency because he could only manage sex 12 times a day.

You mean they want to “have sex 3 or 4 times a day”, right?

'Cos half the population “wants to have sex” all the time :smiley:

I’m assuming that the OPer DID have sex three or four times in a day and was worried, which means that their partner is probably okay with the whole thing.

And have you ever heard of a joke?

going off into a corner to convince herself that she can survive this current dry spell

Once upon a time we had sex 3 or 4 times a day, (more when we were younger), but now that Divorce is imminent… well, now it’s not a problem… there’s zero sex going on.

Matching libidos is an art form my husband and I never did master.
And being in a similar situation, it’s been nearly three years since…:0
This is not good for a woman like me. But the worst part is when there’s so much else going on, I know it’s been the last thing I’ve wanted. But recently, having sort of woken up again, 3 or 4 times a day doesn’t sound quite enough :smiley: But, unfortunately not with the one person I’m still legally and morally obligated to. And I won’t go outside of that agreement until there’s more of a resolution. It’s very frustrating on many levels.

But I agree that it’s not an addiction if you’re still functioning in a typical manner. And I think it’s a way of expressing emotion for a lot of people who don’t necessarily feel comfortable expressing themselves verbally or whose emotions manifest in a physical way along with other ways.


I think most guys ‘want’ sex more than that…but of course, ‘sex’ isn’t defined here & does this mean the same partner?

If you’re not joking about addiction there is:


I wasn’t joking.

and you’re right, I should have defined what I meant by “sex” in the OP: FOR THE ABOVE OP- I meant “sex” as in sex to orgasm with another human being.
I hope that’s enough of a definition…I don’t really care if folks have sex with multiple human beings in the same day, or go into did I mean same-sex, opposite sex, some of both, or whatever…

I will take a look at that cite, thanks for posting it.

I take it he hasn’t woken up and thought about changing his ways?

holysh*T, Twelve times?!!
even in my teenage years I only could manage seven…


Half the population thinks they want sex all the time.

I’ve found that when men get sex as often as they want, their desire for it drops to every other day or so.

And before anyone goes for the joke, no… it isn’t because of some fault or defect in me or my partners.

This has been seen by friends as well.

Some have high sex drives, and some just think they do until they actually have a partner with a high sex drive.

So what kinda lube do you use for that? 10W-30?

“So what kinda lube do you use for that? 10W-30?”

No, go with synthetic.

The_Stranger, Patrick Carnes wrote some books on the subject & one of the people above posted his theories on it. As you can guess, his book is called Sexual Addiction. Whew, at first I typed ‘addition’ :slight_smile: