If anyone is watching the World Series...

What’s the music they keep playing? I think it’s from a movie soundtrack but I can’t quite think which one.

For clarity – Fox is playing the music as they go to and from commercials. It’s not being played at the ballpark.

Gonna Fly Now - the theme from Rocky, which was set in Philly

Unless it’s a part of the piece I don’t know, that’s not what I was referring to (though they may have played that, too – I’ve switched to SNL)

Yep. Just heard it at the end of 6.

Until I opened this thread, I was thinking “Eye of the Tiger” from Rocky, but yeah, it’s “Gonna Fly Now” from the Rocky films (from the training montages in the film).

Rocky was from philly, so i guess they thought that was appropriate.

Obligatory link to the Rocky Song

Well, like I said, it wasn’t the Rocky song I was talking about.

It’s the theme to Jurassic Park.


Yep that’s it. Thanks. (Also Tonya Harding’s skate music!)