If Donald Trump were forced to listen to what you'd have to say; What would you tell him?

So… I can’t begin to to think about what I would say. I hate him. I don’t know if I would talk his ear off, or say very little. I don’t know if I would yell or just shake my head and talk about how disappointing he’s been.

What about you folks?

You are the worst businessman in the history of the United States, you’re not a billionaire-- you OWE billions. You’re a fucking loser.

I’ve considered this. If really wanted to hurt him… I’d talk about his family too. How corrupt his kids are, and how much some of the extended family seems to hate him.

I really wonder if any of it would penetrate him.

You have sixty seconds to submit your resignation or…

Trump. Listen. That’s pretty fucking funny.

I would tell I think he was a great guy but that he is a terrible president. Why the hell did you take this job when you had complete freedom to do and go anywhere and do anything. Do you like being trapped in the White House with your wife? Do you really like having every detail of your life examined and made fun of? What the hell were you thinking? And worst of all people will be holding you up as an example of the biggest boob ever elected into public office for the rest of American history. If of course you don’t destroy America with your bullshit.

Does he have to answer back? Because I could not stand to hear the crap he would reply with.

I see the edit you made… I was about to say…

I wouldn’t say anything.

I’d just laugh at him.

Nothing at all. There’s no point anyway; in one ear and out the other.

I would tell him I’m sorry he knows he will be with his brother again. Because that means his brother is in Hell.

“I’m voting for Sleepy Joe, Mr. President.”

“You have 2 months to save your presidency. Start talking sense and behave mature. You still have the benefit of an easy grading curve.”

"I love both edible and non-edible mushrooms. They please my aesthetics.

Many people have heard you have a mushroom, too.

Show us it! Show us it!"

OMOg … that’s going too far even for my twisted thoughts.

“Let me tell you about the latest sex craze; autoerotic affixation.”

A lot of people WERE talking about trying that…

Forced to be in the same room and quiet for 5 minutes while I spoke, or actually forced to listen?

The first is possible, but not all that useful. The second I don’t see happening, he’s never listened to anyone.

That said, since I’m talking to a brick wall anyway, I’d just tell him that no one likes him, everyone hates him and at best pities him, and they only suck up to him because they know that if they flatter him enough, they will be able to take advantage of him and use him for their own gain.

or “asphyxiation“ .

I will say “You are a liar, a coward, a crook, and a traitor”. I would then begin to sing It’s a Small World over and over again, never stopping.

“I heard a rumor that you died of COVID-19."

“History will remember you as a failure.”