If I had a Monty Python-inspired username, it just might be....

I Have A Hat

Milkman Number 6.

Brigadier General Q.M. Hoittentoitinbürgmeistêr Smythe-Jones the Third the Second.

Pronounced “Fan-shaw”.

Since I almost became Chicken Of Bristol a few years back, I guess I’ll stick with that.

We used to have a Crunchy Frog and a Spiny Norman. They were prolific posters here, some years ago.

Brian Equator

(is there a doper called Mr. Creosote?)


Just a Wafer.


The Fjords.

The OK Lumberjack

Mr A.T. Great

Norwegian Blue

Sir Not Appearing In This Film

Blessed Cheesemaker

Either Spam Wonderful Spam or Albatross.

This is a brazen affront to democracy buster … you called the poll resultyourself. :smiley:

Refugee of Graybridge.

Probably something Holy Grail-related, but in the name of more interesting answers…

The lesser-known sketch that seems to stick in my mind is the Royal Society for Putting Things On Top of Other Things. I wonder how Surrounded By Film would work as a username…


(Not Moore, the peasant guy.)

Dr. Kevin Philips Bong