If I said you had a beautifull body would you hold it against me?


Is today some sort of drunk posting holiday on the board?

I’ll take Stupid Pickup Lines for $400, Alex.

I’d certainly wonder why you didn’t notice the squiggly red line under the misspelling of “beautiful”.

It was old 30 years ago when the Bellamy Brothers did a song about it.

Beautifull = Pretty, but husky.

From my loved one, I would take it as a compliment. Anyone else, not so much.

Can I empty all of the beauti from it first?

Well I’m flattered, but I prefer women.

Would you settle for a General Electric toaster oven? It’s totally hot for you.

Are you always such a dickhead, or only when it relates to people of the other sex?

Sheeh, lighten up Francis.

Even in MPSIMS we expect more than a one-word OP.