Women; what do you think when a guy says you're pretty?

Or beautiful, gorgeous, or any of the above. Personally, I feel true beauty is on the inside but it seems that this compliment can go very far with you ladies. If I simply say “you look amazing in that dress” your eyes will light up and you’ll shine the biggest smile and be nice to me the rest of the night. Now, I try to only give this compliment when I mean it cause otherwise it’s just a line and it seems most of you can usually tell. Just curious, what exactly goes through your head when a guy says your pretty. Is it the best a guy can do or is there something better I should be paying more attention too.

Maybe pay more attention to being sincere and not having an ulterior motive?

Occasionally I will come across guys through online dating who obviously just use it as a line, to seemingly anybody and everybody. It does get annoying, especially if they’re a one-trick pony. What, is there nothing about me as a person, my personality, my words, that you can comment on- is what I usually end up thinking. IMO, my looks are about .5% of my worth as a woman and an individual, and that’s not what I want people to focus on- please focus on me as a person.

If a guy says to me “You’re pretty” I am going to be suspicious, because I don’t think I am. I would be wondering why he is trying to flatter me, “what does he want from me?”.

ETA: If he used the word “gorgeous” I would be fairly certain that he was either blind or insane.

I s’pose context is important in this. Like I said, if I’m hearing it from someone that I just met or haven’t even met yet ala online dating, I’m going to be suspicious. If I hear it from a boyfriend of 2 years, after I’ve spent 4 hours getting all glammed up to go somewhere special, then it would have some meaning to it.

I like to be beautiful. So if you’re sincere, and not too overbearing or creepy, it will make me glow all night long.

Of course, I like to be funny, smart, and charming too. So any of those will work just as well. :slight_smile:

If you say it once, it’s sincere. If you preface every comment with “Hey, beautiful” or end every comment with “you gorgeous thing”, not so much.

Exactly. When someone I just met says it, it means they have eyes. It may or may not mean they’re hitting on me, it’s not like it’s hard to tell. Either way, it doesn’t upset me, it’s not like they *know *yet that I’m also brilliant, funny, charming, and modest, so what else are they supposed to comment on? :wink:

When my boyfriend or a friend or anyone else I know well says it, it means either I’ve outdone myself, or they’re just noticing it more at the moment due to some mood of their own. Either way, it’s nicer than when people I just met say it.

A lot of it depends upon the context.

A “My god, you’re f***ing gorgeous!” from an SO when you just step out from getting all dressed up for something special would tell me that my efforts had drawn his attention moreso than usual. :slight_smile:

The “Hello Beautiful” that prefaced every phone conversation from a guy that I used to date was almost creepy. Just the way he said it.

The “You’re so pretty” constantly coming from a guy on our first (and only!) date smacked of desperation.

The occasional sincere “You’re beautiful” coming from a man right before he kisses me can rock my world.

Every woman’s MMV.

Ah, but don’t we all have ulterior motives? What you’re saying is - disguise it better?

I don’t think anything of it at all from people I don’t know. Like others, if it’s someone who knows me who I believe is sincere when saying it, and isn’t a creepo and/or says it every five minutes to everyone, it’s sweet.

It makes me uncomfortable because I don’t believe it myself, so I assume they are lying to me. I mean, I’ve been told I’m attractive (not beautiful, but attractive), in good shape compared to most women my age, and I do the best I can with what I’ve got; but I have eyes myself, and I know what I look like, and beautiful it ain’t.

However, if someone randomly says, “You look nice today” or something that seems like a sincere compliment, I graciously thank them and accept it. If my SO says, “you look great”, I believe that too. If it fits the context of the situation, that’s fine. But “Wow, you’re beautiful” just reeks of BS (unless you’re Halle Berry).

Sincerity counts for a lot even if you have to fake it. :wink:

I can think of a few crazy, creepy exceptions, but–for the most part–I like it.

Guy here: I tend to find complimenting on something specific to be more effective. Flat out telling someone they look beautiful always seems to be interpreted as a come on from me, unless the person actually knows me.

Thus, I am surprised that some of you don’t automatically think that with that phrasing.

But "Good Morning, Beautiful’ cannot be discounted as the preferable way to wake up your wife in the morning.

I disagree. I don’t want anybody saying ANY thing to me until I’ve had a cup of coffee. :wink:

True beauty being on the inside is all very well, but there is such a thing as physical beauty, and it can be obvious when someone has gone to more trouble than usual. And it’s just a nice thing to say to someone of either sex if they have clearly gone to some trouble.

Your post kind of implies you’d use it as a tactic…like it’s this shallow thing you don’t buy into but are willing to use for the benefits it brings. Don’t let it be so heavy, I say! It is entirely possible for a person with a beautiful heart to appreciate that you noticed they’ve made an effort. It’s not without value just because it’s physical.

Also, I can say it’s the worst thing ever when, meeting a guy for a date, he uses it as a stock line - sometimes not even bothering to look at me first. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve had ‘You look wonderful’ said to me with his back turned. A real turn-off, because, not only did he not care enough to be genuine, he thought I should be grateful.

Yeah, I’ve had good luck with this. I compliment women on their clothes, their earrings, and their hair all the time- it’s less likely to be seen as creepy even if the praise is very enthusiastic. I don’t think I ever compliment someone’s body who I’m not dating (unless she’s fishing for compliments, and that’s a whole 'nother thing).

It’s probably a cultural thing, but right now I’m sick of it (not that I’m particularly beautiful- just a blond in China.) I’d like to be judged on something else, please.