If there was an award for 'Jerk of the World', what would it look like?

Some people try so hard to be jerks that they should be recognised for their effort. Any suggestions for an award that I think is long overdue for those who are particularily adept at making life miserable for everyone else?

I suggest that it should be abust of Mark Serlin.

All I’m picturing right now is a nice bronzed bust of a man in a suit, with a large penis poking out of the collar.

Pat Buchanan
Dr. Laura

This is the perfect “Jerk of the World” award right here.


I don’t care what it looks like; I just want it rigged so that it explodes and sends loads of little thumbtick shrapnel and rancid bat guano all over the recipient.

Where do we submit nominations? Pen poised at the ready

It would be a trophy, on top of which there is a little bronze man, with a rather large stick protruding from his anus. The trophy is not only a trophy, its also a crack lighter.

I dont know what it should be shaped like, but it will be made up of CONCRETE!

No ideas, but just lemme know where I send my nominations. Thanks ever! :slight_smile:


Imagine an Oscar but made of tin, with the figure making a graceful loop so the head is inserted in the ass.

Thats good…I can make one out of tin foil on the weekend.

Maybe we could have runners up…they would have to be cheap to make as we’d give out a whole heck of a lot of 'em.
(SDMB members are hereby excluded from running for the Jerk of the World award)


Good one, Sue!

Like a giant penis, so everyone can see what a dick looks like.

:laugh: oh kelli, you are sooooooo kewl!!!

The ancient & mystical one fingered salute. Rendered in tin. :slight_smile: