You Win An Award! What Do You Want?

I happened to notice the winner of the Masters Golf Tournament getting his green jacket.
The Kennedy Awards are clothespins on a Gay Pride ribbon?
The Stanley Cup for hockey is about 3 feet tall, weighs 34 pounds and you don’t even get to keep it - you have to give it back the following year (unless you win again.)
The Olympic Medals are kind of cool - but the value of each drops significantly from Gold to Silver to Bronze - although at least I heard they have started giving out cash awards as well with the medals!
Super Bowl winners seem to be happy getting jewelry.

So, if you win an award (other than cash!) what would you like to have presented to you?

A statue/sculpture? Plaque? Medal? Clothing? Bowl? Ring?

Or do you have a better idea for an award?

I would demand the resignation of another person in my line of business. It could be a strong competitor or some hack who makes the rest of us look foolish. Its sort of like the gladiators, and would make people strive harder because the payoff is greater.

a lamp.

Flacco (Super Bowl MVP) was awarded a 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray.

I think the World Series MVP also got a Corvette this year.

I would like a Tesla.

The captain’s chair from Star Trek.

I’d like a bologna sammich with mustard please. Any kind of bread will do but lots of mustard.
Yes strange but food is always a good award in my book.

He said “award,” not “major award.”

Damn, I almost posted that!

Ring. Doesn’t take up too much space, and you can wear it without appearing a jackass.

I do think the Stanley Cup itself must have been happy when the Rangers won back in '94. It got to go to a lot of cool places.

A very large barrel full of Demerara rum.

If we’re restricting ourselves to things that are actually awards, as opposed to just “things I wish were awards,” I’ll take a Nobel Prize. It comes with a big cash award - over a million bucks - and I could use it.

Please send money. How about tens and twenties?

No - there is no limit and yes, I was looking for things that you wish were awards.

And NOT cash…too easy.

A large glass eyeball would make a cool award sculpture.
Not sure for what someone would be awarded with such a thing.

Please note the size and color of each item, and send as many as possible.

A Ferrari.

A Nobel for Literature… Not for the award itself but for what it would represent.

A one year sabbatical with full pay and benefits. And a hat.

I’m cool with getting an award-shaped award, but I’d prefer it was also functional. I have this bowling trophy/decanter set from my grandma or something - it’s practical!

Either a 13" silver rocket ship, or mineral samples encased in Lucite.