If you could edit your user status, what would it say?

If you had the option to edit the user status (that appears under your username in each post), what would you put in there?

I think it would be nice to be able to change it whenever you want (sort of like LJ)

Curently mine says “Frostbitten Fins” I kind of like “The other white meat” or “chicken of the sea” too.

I’d probably set it to say “Measures” at some point, just as a nod to the expected. More permanently, I’d settle on “Peanut Gallery Denizen” or somesuch.

As one of those boring people with a location that is my location I’d probably never change it.

Although “Homo sapiens” might one day tickle my fancy enough.

“Caution: Irritant”

I might go for “Certified Language Mechanic”. But that’s kind of long, so maybe just “ydnic”.

“Don’t Believe His Lies”

“Amiable Warlord”

“Total Tool, but one of long duration.” :wink:


huh-huh… “member”… huh-huh…

Given that we don’t allow guests to post, I’ve kinda wondered why there isn’t a little more variety; have one for <100, another for <5000, and then another one every 1000…

I mean, there’s, what, 25,000 members and a dozen or so mods/admins? Too many braves, not enough chiefs.

If I were a 13 year old boy: Large Member.

But as I’m not, I would go with “Drive By Poster Extraordinaire”.

Ahhh…I see on preview I’m not the only one with the sense of humour of a 13 year old…

Real Illusionist

When we first switched to vB format, that actually WAS an option. It wasn’t supposed to be, but the admins hadn’t turned it off, so a number of us brilliant people changed our statuses, to the ire of certain mods. (Our psychic powers weren’t working too well at that moment, and we figured, “Hey, new feature!” Silly us.)

Anyway, mine said Max Torque’s Secret Lover because MaxT dared me to enter that as my status.

“Contents May Be Under Pressure”

On another board, my user status reads “Turgid Member.” Always makes me giggle, 'cos it sounds dirty, but really isn’t.


“Brought to you by a grant from Mobil”

Tastes like chicken would be my choice.

Which leads me to ask, why is it turned off ?