If you drank a shot every time Palin said "maverick" ....

…how drunk would *you *be at the end of the 90 minute debate?

Depends on how well you can handle nine shots…

She only said itsix times, so…lightly buzzed. :smiley:

If I also drank the nine times Biden said it, then yeah, I’d probably be pretty messed up.

My Palin Drinking Card had “Mayor”, “Governor” and “You Betcha!”

They took me to the hospital for alcoholic poisoning after 30 minutes.

Lush! I’d be hugging my worst enemy and telling everybody in the room I love them after six shots.

What if we also added in “Main Street”?

Uhhhg, the single most annoying catchphrase of this election season. I wonder if these candidates still think they’re clever when they say blah blah blah WALL *street, but blah blah blah * MAIN street.

“Energy” would’ve killed me. “Nuculer” about killed me, and I wasn’t even drinking to it.

Really? I’m no heavy drinker but six shots of 80 proof liquor would get me pretty buzzed but nowhere near that far gone.

Me too. I’m kind of a lightweight, though…I weigh in at all of 100 lbs. Six shots over the course of ninety minutes would be wearing my bad idea jeans.

How much do you weigh? I don’t know that I’ve ever set out to do six shots (not to say I haven’t, heh, I just can’t think of a time), but I’m comparing it to about six beers. I’m pretty shitty after six beers. Hell, I have a little buzz after two. I’m not a teenager anymore! I weigh 185.

Rookies. Six shots will get me smiling and even feeling a little social, but I will probably still hate you.

You say this like it’s a bad thing. I thought everyone agrees that everything’s totally messed up. I’m OK with someone selling themselves as a maverick.

Or we could go with someone who emphasizes 35 years in Washington and no motive to change :slight_smile:

If you have to keep saying you’re a maverick, you probably aren’t.

250 currently, but I weighed less than you as recently as last summer (don’t ask) and my tolerance is about the same now as it was then. I’m also 26 – 27 in January – so I don’t think it’s my youthful metabolism helping me, either.

Don’t bet on it. I’m 27. Shit changes, son.

Okay, I made the attempt. I can’t remember most of it.I had a lot of beer in front of me and then the beer was gone and I was on the floor with a huge mess surrounding me. Pailin? Judging by the state of my house you owe me at least 10,000 for the cleaning fees alone and I don’t even know what the rehab fee will come to.

…I’d still think she was repugnant. Maybe after the presidential debates.

Bad idea for whom?:wink:

Points and laughs at Aesiron, from my perch a decade later.

You know, it had already been a long and boozy week for me, so out of both fatigue, and genuine concern for my poor overworked liver, I decided to watch the debate sober.

The third “maverick” inside the first fifteen minutes or so sent me running for the vodka. I didn’t have a system, I just drank every time she said something that didn’t answer the question, didn’t make sense, was an obvious distortion, or sounded like she should be either wearing a Ms. Wasilla sash or chewing gum and taking my breakfast order.

And every time she winked, I did a double.

So, *soooo *drunk.