If you had to be limited to one kind of junk food...

It’s a tossup between pizza and Ben & Jerry’s, because they both have such a wonderful variety of options. I think I’d go with pizza.

Peanuts. I know, not really junk food. But, I love my peanuts.

Expensive cheese.

Mmm. Now I want some.

Psst, that’s not junk; you can have your cake and eat your cheese too.

Either buffalo wings or potato skins. I think I’d go with potato skins.

Easy. Buttered popcorn.

Aerosol cheeze. Bacon flavored.

Corn chips with salsa and guacamole.

Nachos. I could live on those, 3 meals a day.


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hm, the only junk food …

There are these japanese snack crackers, about 3 inches in diameter … the perfect combination of sweet and salty and crisp crunch.

Otherwise, pizza if i can change toppings around