If you had to eat at one of these fast food places for the rest of your life, which would it be?

Included are pretty much American-only places, that are known to be juuuuust a little bit better than average.

If you agree or disagree with what I consider “just a little bit better than average”, though–or think another should have been included–I’m sorry.

I will starve because I have never been to any of these places. That I know of… :dubious:

The only one near me is Five Guys, which I was completely unimpressed by. If the other four are like it, I’ll take Steak 'n Shake.

I also only have Five Guys nearby. They are OK. I don’t hate them enough that I’d let myself die of starvation before eating there, but I wouldn’t be happy about it.

Question - would I die first of starvation or of the heart attack from eating nothing but burgers and fries?

None of them have enough variety (or enough vegetables) to keep me from going bonkers.

There are a couple of 5 Guys in my area, but not convenient enough for daily use.

Honestly, I’d rather have Wendy’s, although their locations aren’t much more convenient. The quality isn’t as high, but the variety is much greater. And they have salads. Good salads, in fact.

In-N-Out’s the only one near me.

I’d have no problem except the fries are only good for about 10 seconds.
(Fresh cut and fried once. They get soggy fast.)

None of these places are near me. There’s a Five Guys that isn’t too far from me, but I dont like their food.

Wendy’s has a nice variety, but I’d pick Chic-Fil-A.

There’s only one of those in my state and it’s a forty-five minute drive from my home. So I’d have to do a load of extra driving just to survive or move in with my uncle. With traffic being what it is and my uncles house keeping habits being what they are, I’d rather starve.

Whataburger’s the only one near me; 45 minutes away.

If I could choose any fast-food joint, it’d be Burger King. Especially since the ones near my house have a Freestyle machine.

The meals would have to be comped if I had to eat there every day. Especially at 5G.

Animal style, they’re tasty for much longer. And FAR pricier.

Five Guys is the only one I’ve ever seen. Think the others are only West Coast, but not sure.

I like 5 guys. My first thought was they don’t have enough variety, but I guess they have enough free topings that I could probably get by on Burger Bowls “All The Way” and fries rarely.

The only places I’ve seen in Tucson are Whataburger and In 'N Out. I’d choose Whataburger since it’s closer to me and I’m more familiar with their food.

Most of those places aren’t near me, but I still picked “In N Out,” although I really don’t think there’s enough variety at any of the places. Still, it’d be fun while it lasted.

[li] I’m not in America, so I’m already out of the game[/li][li] I’ve never been to America, so don’t even know what their menus are made up of, let alone what they taste like[/li][li] I don’t eat burgers at all, I’m more a chicken or fish kind of guy[/li][li] For the record, my local fave fast food joint is called Red Rooster[/li][/ol]

There is a Five Guys near me but you have to eat the food at the restaurant. If you try to take it home the grease spreads all over the car seat, soaks right through the bag. My car smelled of fries for over a week!

Do I have to be near it, or will the food somehow be transported to me for consumption every day?

If I can only choose from those near me, I have to choose 5 Guys. If the goods will transport, I choose In n Out.

This poll has really poor choices. The only one in my area is Five Guys.

I think I’d more readily eat at McDonald’s, BK or Wendy’s before Five Guys. Does FG even have fish or chicken or salad?

I’d starve.

There is a Five Guys a couple of miles away. However, based on the clientele seen on my only visit, I think that their only claim to fame will be as the first restaurant to introduce “Double-wide Seating”…

The only two near me are Whataburger and Five Guys, and I really would prefer not to be eating their offerings for the rest of my life