If you had to eat at one of these fast food places for the rest of your life, which would it be?

I chose Whataburger, only because Lotaburger wasn’t a choice.

Now is the OP’s question really:

“I can ONLY eat <fast food joint X> for the rest of my life”


“For the rest of my life, *whenever *I eat fast food, I can only eat <fast food joint X>'s food.”

The first question sounds hellish no matter which one you choose, and the second one… I’d pick Whataburger, because they have a fairly active program of introducing new seasonal menu items, so it wouldn’t be as boring as say… In 'n Out, which seems to have had its menu freeze in 1940.

If I had to do that, I’d choose Panda Express. And I’d nominate it for inclusion in OP’s list of places that are just a little bit better than average. I imagine WhyNot would approve: Fairly good variety in the offerings, with a lot of high-vegetable-content selections to choose from.

I’m not familiar with most of these, but are they all burger joints? How long could you actually live on just burgers? Surely you’d be missing some vitamins or something.

I’m actually not that keen on Whataburger’s burgers, but they do at least have some other things on the menu so I could have chicken on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

I live in a country whose palate is unencumbered by those particular fast food places. I think the best ubiquitous chain of local places is reported to be Grill’d but I haven’t tried it, let alone tried living on it forever.

Makes me think of the movie Supersize Me.

I’m kinda surprised by the dislike for Five Guys. I found them to be surpassing yummy, and among the best burgers I’ve ever had.

I was also sad that Smashburger didn’t seem to succeed. They were good too!

Given my druthers, for a fast food place of some real prominence, it’d be Del Taco.

In-N-Out is what it is - the traditional burger joint done in a traditional way. (OK, the clever menu items are a bit much)
Five Guys impressed me as trying too hard to be In-N-Out. The boxes of peanuts were utterly bizarre - who eats roasted and salted in the shell, no less peanuts as an appetizer to a burger?

I have never seen the other three, but my love for In-N-Out will survive.

(double double animal! forever!)

The other four restaurants?

Or the other four guys?

Five Guys offers Powerade and Vitamin Water and has tomatoes, jalapeños, pickles, onions, mushrooms, relish, and green peppers (and even offers a Veggie Sandwich); figure you could do worse, even without factoring in the peanuts.

McDonalds. Im serious

Five Guys is the only one that has a location that’s less than two hours’ drive away, so I guess I pick that one. They recently opened one 25 minutes away, but I’ve never been there. Their menu does not inspire confidence that I could subsist on it very long though. There’s nothing that looks like a very healthy option.

I like them well enough as a greasy treat. I think I would feel ill if I ate there very often, though.

I dunno, the peanuts are my favorite thing about the place. I rather like peanuts, and theirs are good. I remove the shells before eating them.

Five Guys is the only one close enough to me to survive on. I love them, but their menu is too limited to exist on. I could make it quite a while on just the Cajun Fries though.

I would probably choose Steak N’ Shake since I can get a proper fried eggs with bacon and hash browns or pancakes for breakfast, and a variety of sandwiches from burgers and melts… spicy chicken to a club, and also Cincy style chili.

Only one within 50 miles of me is Five Guys, but I’ve never tried it.

Me too. Of the poll options, we only have 5 Guys and I haven’t tried it yet (no drive-through). I heard their fries are good.

All of them. Or none of them. Depending on how you define things.

Because as we all know after the Corporation Wars it all be Taco Bell anyway.

I’ve never eaten at any of them, but I know there is a Five Guys somewhere near here, so I’d go with that. A burger is a burger to me.

Wait, I’m a little confused. Do you mean you’ve never had peanuts served in the shell, or roasted and salted in the shell, or something else? I mean, roasted and salted in the shell is how they sell ‘em at the ol’ ballgame.