If you were a Game of Thrones character, how long would GRRM let you live?

A new quiz: http://distractify.com/abby-s-marino/all-men-must-die/

My result:

You would last A Lifetime in Game of Thrones! Many are born into this world, but few have the character to become a leader. Whether it is your honor, your strength, or your knowledge of the world, you have found a means to inspire the hearts of men to follow you until death. You are glory incarnate, the fire that keeps the darkness at bay. Your enemies denied your truth and they suffered for their folly, earning you a long and unchallenged reign.

A couple of months (apparently I’m Nedd Stark):

You would last only A Couple of Months in Game of Thrones. The brutality of Westeros and Essos is palpable. Only the strong can survive and you certainly have proven yourself capable of defending yourself; however, the land is rife with hedge knights, sellswords, men-at-arms, and combat trained lords. All of whom want to take you by the hair and slice or neck so deep that white of bone is visible for all to see.

Some of these questions seem a bit one-sided… “which would you rather have, Valyrian or castle-forged steel?” Why would anyone pick the latter? Or: “Who would you fight in a duel - Jaime, Jorah, Renly or Barristan?” Obvious choice is Renly…

I gave both of those answers, too.

I got a picture of Daenerys and a baby dragon on her shoulder from right after the hatching. Wondering if it’s the same result for everyone who got Elendil’s result.

On edit - I picked Jaime to duel and the Valyrian steel.

Got that picture/result as well. However, I picked Renly to duel, so clearly that particular choice is not outcome-determinative.

Hardest question, IMO, was who you’d pick in a battle of wits.

I picked Valyrien and Renly and got Nedd. I think it may have been me introducing myself to people.

Lifetime - I got Dany

Indeed! I hesitated longer than I should have over a meaningless online quiz and went with Tyrion in the end, but honestly, I’m thinking Petyr Baelish might have been the one to bet on. He’s subtle and has been working to spread his influence and manipulate situations for decades during which Tyrion was whoring and drinking it up.

In any case, I turn out to be glory incarnate, so I have that going for me.

I chose those 3 and got Daenerys.

I got the lifetime.

Maybe it doesn’t matter who you pick and, just like the book and show, whether you live or die is random.

I’d be a desecrated grave marker some character passes in a forest. For exactly the same reasons I was a starship commander in another novel. Well, for opposite reasons, really. That writer liked me. :slight_smile:

I got Lifetime but I am not proud of my answers at all.

Mountain/Little Finger/Pray you never meet me on the road.

All my friends seem to have done that one, but I haven’t.

I just assume I’d be some background character who randomly gets ganked by some creature out of the blue with no explanation or followup.

I’ve taken it twice, changing almost all of my answers, yet both times I got Daenerys. I guess I would indeed last a lifetime, no matter what.

I got a few months to live. Sounds about right.

I didn’t take the poll because I’d have to be Tyrion or I won’t play.

It’d be interesting to see if different people got the same result if they agreed to give all the same answers.

For example, I’m going to take the test, and I will pick the first/top/leftmost option every time. Wait for it…

Okay, complication: I noticed that the order of the choices was shuffled in at least a few cases from the first time. So which matters, the position or the actual answer?

Here’s what the leftmost choices were (the ones I picked) this time:

Right hand
Castle forged
Slit throats
Slay dragons
Barriston Selmy
Magister Illyrio

That set got me “a lifetime.” Which is quite a bit better than the “a day” my honestly chosen answers scored before.

Apparently I would only last a couple of months.