If you were a Guantanamo detainee, what kind of music would it take to break you?

Good suggestions, all, but it’s clear that none of you have ever shopped at FAO Schwartz.

Anything that doesn’t have a good beat and isn’t easy to dance to.

Is it still


??? ::ear bleeds
For me, it would be that improvisational jazz that has no real melody. Or those self-conscious British women pop/soul singers that are all the rage right now (Adele someone). ::shudder

I have to admit, when I saw the story, I had a vision of Laurence Olivier’s character in “Marathon Man” slipping a pair of earphones unto an unfortunate detainee, cranking up “Highway to Hell” and saying, “Is it safe?”

1-877-Kars 4 Kids,
K A R S, Kars 4 Kids,
1-877-Kars 4 Kids,
Donate your car today.

Is it safe? :slight_smile:

ETA: D’oh! I see Joebuck20 beat me to it.

You know, I have no idea. The last time I was in one was probably 1997. I shopped for what I needed, stood in line, paid for it, then went to the top of a clock tower with a high-powered rifle and killed six people.

Haven’t been back since.

Forgot to mention: Christmas music.

Wow. People broke on *Queen *? Man, I’d be telling my evil captors to crank it up.

As for what would break me… I suppose a Pat Boone + Free Jazz + Samba mixtape (and possibly techno versions thereof done by Moby. Oh yes. They’re evil captors, remember ?) would make me spill whatever beans I got.

hm, I about lost it when I got stuck on hold where Achy Breaky Heart was the music on hold.

15 minutes and I was about ready to find Texas and a tower …

Though You Picked a Fine Time To Leave Me Lucille would also probably do it.

Play about hour of rap, hip-hop, or metal, and I’ll sing like Pavoratti (hope I spelled this correctly, as the library is about to close)

Children singing. Ick.

Children singing about Christmas? Can’t we just go back to the waterboarding?
Years ago, I spent what could apparently be considered torturous amounts of time listening to NIN.

What’s important is that a) you don’t have any control of the volume or the length of time you are forcedd to listen to it; and b) it prevents you from sleeping. America has learned from the best, the KGB and Gestapo, who used similar techniques. I’m just busting with pride.

OMFG, yes. The kind of music Barney would clap his hands to.

Or gangsta rap. Or hip-hop. Or some types of gospel.

Christ. You people are fucking weak. Jazz and Hip Hop? Boy Bands and Top 40? I’m more impressed with the terrorists.

The OP isn’t “what sort of music do you really dislike enough to make a hyperbolic post about how it’s your kryptonite?” the OP is “what would it take to break you?”

Wtf @ saying jazz? I assume those people have never heard real jazz and/or are referring to the painful elevator music plaguing the radio today.

As for me, forget music, just loop some screeching car brakes over a loudspeaker at 90 decibels.

Ugh. The goatse of music.

Barry Manilow or Celine Dion. I’d crack left, right and sideways after about 10 minutes.

What what what?!

Oh shit.

Whatever you do, please don’t play any Grateful Dead. Please. Especially not Ithaca '77. No, don’t. And never ever make me listen to Dark Side through headphones. I’m begging you.

And people upthread were right – jazz is inhuman. I will go kind of insane if you play Kind of Blue, or Og forbid anything by Brubeck … not the Morello Horror!

Whatever you do, please make it quick. End it. Shoot me with your bop gun.

Chinese restaurant music - not the gentle plingy kind, but with the high-pitched female vocalists whose screeching isn’t that far off from the typical pitch of a woman yelping in a Japanese porn film. A little bit of repetitive DJ Tiesto/European/New Jersey Guido/Untz Untz techno mixed in, and I’ll tell you about the plans of the Dearborn sleeper cell to blow up the Gateway Arch in 2011, and maybe that time in madrassa when I had to go up to the chalkboard and write down a reason why Israel must be swept out to sea, but I had a boner and everybody laughed at me.