If you were going to make a nativity scene out of Star Trek figures...

Which would you use?
We’ll need:

Baby Jesus
Three (3) Wise Men
A Shepard
A donkey
A cow
A camel
a lamb or two
an Angel
I guess this should be set on the bridge but I’m open to suggestions.

I would say
Harry Kim as Joseph, because only Kim would be married to a virgin that had a kid
Mary would be Troi
Baby Jesus=is there a figure of the little guy from the Corbomit Manuver?
3 Wise Men Spock, Tuvock, and T’Pol
Shepard Scotty (because I like Scotty)
I would have the Horta as the cow, Spot can play the donkey and tribbles as the sheep.
And the Angel would be Uhura. (so I can look up her dress)

Which Trek? TOS?

Joseph - Kirk
Mary - Rand
Baby Jesus - Balok (played by a young Clint Howard)
Three (3) Wise Men - Talosians
A Shepard - Spock
A donkey - McCoy
A cow - Sulu
A camel - Chekov
a lamb or two - Uhura and Chapel
an Angel - Gorgan the Friendly Angel

Joseph: O’Brien
Mary: Keiko
Baby Jesus: You see where this is going…
Three (3) Wise Men: Kirk, Picard & Cisco
A Shepard: Troi
A donkey: Barclay front end, Wesley back end
A cow: Quark (provides drinks)
A camel: Data (doesn’t drink)
a lamb or two: the twins from Voyager that Harry kept not getting dates with
an Angel: 7 of 9

I so like this answer better than mine. And I should mention that at various shows and conventions, I’ve met the actors who played Spock, Sulu, Chekov, and Spot. The actor who played Spot was named Monster. He jumped through some hoops for us.

Feel free to mix and match or to use one particular cast/franchise.
I forgot a camel. That blonde fighter from The Gamesters of Triskellion would make a good Bactrian Camel.

Kirk and Chapel as Joseph & Mary. (Come on! Their names both mean “church.”)

Well blonde Marys are popular.

Joseph Chacotay
Mary Captain Janeway
Baby Jesus Nelix
Three (3) Wise Men Harry Kim, Tom Paris and B’Lanna Torres

A Shepard Seven of Nine
A donkey alien of the week
A cow AOTW
A camel AOTW
a lamb or two Tes and Tuvok
an Angel The Doctor

Please oh please, can you incorporate this somehow? It’s also from a movie with “Star” in the title.

PLEEEEEEAAAAASE??? Or I’ll keep making this whiny noise???

On second thought, I guess that would be too interdenominational.

Ladies and Genltemen, we have a new Baby Jesus.

Now that we’ve veered off topic, I’m safe to mention the all R2-D2 nativity I did for the Christmas cards a few years back.

Off topic?
Off topic?!
gigi finds us the perfect Baby Jesus and you say we’re off topic?
Where is you Holiday Spirit?
May the Reindeer of Christmases Past haunt your dreams!

Great card, BTW!

Warning: HIJACK by Dune fan:

Joseph = Leto
Mary = Jessica
Baby Jesus = Paul
Three (3) Wise Men = Thufir Hawat, Gurney Halleck, Duncan Idaho
Three Kings = Emperor Corrino, Princess Irulan, Reverend Mother Gaius Mohiam
A Shepherd = Stilgar
A donkey = sandworm
A cow = ???
A camel = a camel
a lamb or two = kangaroo mice
an Angel = Chani

Dunno about the others, but Q would make a kickass angel.

I think he’d make a better Jesus.
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