Il est jaloux - looking for a French song

I’m looking for a song I sung back in high school choir that I cannot find for the life of me.

The song is in French, and is about a woman whose husband gets jealous (“il est jaloux”) when she goes to the market because she’s more beautiful than him. The chorus is something like, “I have a secret, but I won’t tell it” (“je le ne dirai pas”).

Does this sound remotely familiar to anyone?

WRS - Je ne suis pas jaloux. Je m’apelle WRS. A biento^t! (Je ne parls pas franciase. Je parls seulement anglais et espagnol et urdu et hindi et un peau de allemagne et rus.)

The song might be in creole or an older form of French.

Darn. I hate it when I have something in my head but can’t get it all.

Just a guess.

The French have only every produced two songs fit for an international market:

Bizet’s L’Amour est un Oiseau Rebel


Jordy’s Dur Dur Etre Bebe

O.K. There might be a few others, but dur dur to think of them right now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Bienville my personal favourite (not counting operas) is “Et moi dans mon coin” by Charles Aznavour. It’s also about a jelous husband but, this time, he has good reasons to be so.

I really should check out some Aznavour- Shoot the Piano Player is one of my favorite movies and I liked the songs he did in that. I also enjoyed his appearance in The Truth About Charlie.

Now if Aznavour were to record a version of Dur Dur Etre Bebe . . .

Thank you so much, eunoia! That’s it!

I guess they had an edited version for us to sing in high school. But this is the song! Yay!