I'll trade stories about our cold and wet for your hot and dry

We have been getting phenonomenal amounts of rain and chilly, dreary weather this year, so I would like to trade some stories with people who have too much hot and dry.

Okay, I’ll start. I had a nice time last night sitting reading in my bed with my feet on my portable heater, getting them nice and toasty. Then I snuggled down in my bed with my big comforter, and had a nice sleep in a very cool room.

Somebody got a story to warm me up?

Oh! Oh! Pick me!

Last night it rained buckets, and I woke up to a sopping wet carpet on my apt floor (first time it’s happened since I moved in 3 years ago). And now it’s 15-ish and muggy, so drying is happening at a glacial pace.

There ya go, hot and dry enough for you?

Here, it’s hot… and wet.


It’ll be 100 degrees here today. Last weekend my shoulders got burned- through my t-shirt! My A/C must be kept at 70 around the clock because my apartment apparently has no insulation. It’s now that time of year when all errands including grocery shopping must be done after dark. Yesterday I burned my hands on the steering wheel as I drove home after work.

Does that make you feel any better?

Dare I send you a box of hot, warm, Iraqi air? I will . . .

Oh, and I can send you a bottle of “BULL!”: Arizona’s only maker of dehydrated water.

My e-mail’s in my profile. Just send me a line.

Many people would say it’s hot here in the desert, but actually we are below average in temp. for June and loving it. Last night, sat out at the pool as the sun went behind the big mountains to the west. Watched some cool little bats flying around, heard lots of birds and insects making happy noises. I almost fell asleep on the lounge chair, it was so perfect. No humidity here, but we all know that the big heat is coming eventually.

Sleeping with just a sheet on the bed for the next 4 months. All blankets have been dry cleaned, packaged up and stored in the closet. Got a cool room fan with remote control, so if I get too cool during the night I can click it off from the bed.
Life is good.

Which is alright if you’re in a woman, but not if you’re in the jungle.

Anyway, the beginning of last week was miserably hot and humid here. The last few days, though, have been beautiful, about 80 degrees (26-27C) with a coolish breeze. If the rest of the summer were like this, i’d be in heaven, but i know we’re going to get more awfully hot and humid stuff before too long.

It was about 90 degrees here today, with a lovely light tradewind blowing through to keep us all from passing out. There were only a few scattered clouds–the light white fluffy kind.

I spent it walking around the city–in flip flops–watching the tourists and locals come and go with their surfboards and sunburns, smelling of sunscreen and sticky with sand.

I stopped and had an iced latte to cool off, and a cheesburger to fill up. Then I walked over to the park to watch a friend’s daughter play some soccer. I stopped at “Artfest” along the way, and had a chat with a deaf painter; he was very patient with my rudimentary alphabet sign language.

I finally got to the soccer game, and found my friend, hiding under an umbrella to shade her from the sun. Two hours was about all I could take, and I was grateful for the air-conditioned bus ride home.

Your turn!

featherlou, we’re downwind of you guys, so the wet has time to warm up by the time it gets here.

Lots of trouble sleeping last night, plus the little dachsie got upset at the 2 a.m. thunderstorm, not having lived through many of those things yet. Fortunately, no tornadoes in our area.

Update on the cold and wet: tonight Calgary is evacuating a bunch of neighbourhoods due to flooding. It’s gotten real serious real fast here - all the rivers are overflowing their banks, the dams are overflowing, and we haven’t even gotten our spring run-off from the mountains yet, which is due any day. Yikes. I don’t know if you guys get the flooding a little later than us, Northern Piper, but if you do, be prepared.

Large Marge, your day sounds lovely.

Las Vegas checking in.

The pool is 90 degrees Fahrenheit, and when you step out into 104 degree Fahrenheit it feels cold.

Humidity is almost zero.

Love it.

Grew up in Illinois and remember having to wring out my tshirt from sweat before my mother would let me in the house in the summer.

Any floodwaters in Calgary would drain into Lake Diefenbaker, at which point they’re tamed by the dam.

A lot of what Beckwall said. Although we had a gnarly one the other day (and our cooler is STILL broken :() where it got to 90 - in the house. I just sat and drowned in my own sweat. But lately it’s been cool and breezy, wonderful for taking the dog out for walks!

My memories of summer? Being indoors nearly all day, every day, pressing my nose up to the tinted windows behind heavy curtains, wishing it were cool enough to go outside. Feeling lonely because it was too hot to go to your friends’ house and bored to tears because you’d read all your books. Hoping the pool would feel good but instead it’s like swimmimg in spit.

Burning my feet bad enough to get blisters when a mean kid took my sandals. Sizzling hot car seats, seatbelts nearly white hot, the a/c wouldn’t reach the back seat, and nearly passing out from the heat on long trips. Never having an outside party because your birthday was in the summer, and so you could only invite a few kids and you couldn’t do anything because you were inside, anyway.

The car’s windshield breaking because it was too hot when dad went to wash it. Rashes. Sun burns (one so bad I had teeny blisters). Getting so hot you feel sick to your stomach. Steaming hot water from the hose. My sister’s rabbits dying in less than an hour when they tipped over their water bottle. Monsoon season when the temp is 125 and nearly the same in humidity. Feeling tired, damp and disgusting all the time, for months and months so that you don’t think you’ll ever feel okay again. Slimy, smelly sun block dripping in your eyes making them burn and sting.

I hate summer.

Well, it’s been real nice here for the last few days. About 75 degrees or so. About as hot as it gets.

June 13th we had about 4 inches of snow. Man, it was a blustery wintery windy mess. The roads iced up real bad. Had to use 4 wheel drive to get over the pass.

A raindrop hit an old prospector on the forehead the other day. It took almost a whole bucket of dust to bring him to.

Well, Lake Diefenbaker will be nice and high this summer.

Ashes, that sounds like, well, hell. We usually have fairly nice summers here - not too hot, not too cold, hardly any bugs. Like enipla, except a little further down the mountain.

Just for the record, here’s a list of top 100 sweatiest (US) cities.

Absolutely freaking gorgeous here in Chicago. Sunny and 73F/23C, according to the bank thermometer I saw while riding my bike down to Trader Joe’s a few minutes ago. Pleasant breeze coming in off the lake, not even very humid. I have to get back outside to enjoy it while it lasts! weather.com says next Saturday will be 92F/33C with thunderstorms. Ugggh. I love a good thunderstorm, but oy, the humidity.

Ashes, where the hell did you grow up? I need to know so I can never go there.

The weather here is. . .confused. It doesn’t know what season it is, or, really, what state it’s in. Today is 65 and gorgeous. The past week it’s been cold & rainy, warm & humid, hot & sunny, stagnant & foggy, and so windy it blew my garbage cans down. When I get up in the morning I have NO idea if i’ll need sunblock or a sweater-- and whatever the answer is, it will surely be wrong by lunch. NOAA can’t even guess at a temperature most days. (“Highs from the 60’s to the 80’s” Gee, thanks)

Seriously, I took the dog out an hour ago, it was blue horizon to horizon. Now it’s cloudy. I have to make an outfit decision soon. I don’t think I’d be surprised if it snowed.