I'm a deisgner!

So I got my fancy new business cards for my fancy new job the other day. Today I took a couple home to show my wife. I was busy admiring the cool logo and stuff. She, the English major, noticed a typo. It seems my title is “Deisgner/Engineer”. Heh, oops. Well, before that I figured I would need them reprinted anyway, since I currently share a phone with another dude in a converted conference room. Hopefully sometime soon we will get our own cubes, I’ll get my own phone, and then I can request cards that don’t have typos.

I once had a FOAF show me his new 4 colour business cards advertising that he was a freelance playright…

Neither Photoshop nor Illustrator come equipped with a spell-checker. Idn’it great?

Illustrator has one; it’s on the Edit menu. Ctrl/Command+I. :slight_smile:

I guess you’ll have to be resigned to your anagrammed title. Congrats on the fancy new job!

My department (product assurance) once won a tacky Plexiglas-looking cube emblazoned with the words -
“Qualty Award”
Department head mentioned in front of the whole company, that if they would have run it by us first we’d have filed a bug-report on the spelling error.

Maybe I could just tell people that Deisgner isn’t my title, but my weapon. You know, like Gugnir.

Sounds good. You’d pronounce it “Dayz-gnurr” of course. :slight_smile:

Absolutely. My wife thinks I’d get a lot of blank stares, and she’s probably right, but I’m OK with that.

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