I'm a federal bureaucrat!

…or will be, anyway, starting in mid-October. Received my appointment letter today, for a law clerk position in a Large Federal Agency that shall (at least for the moment) remain nameless.

I am psyched. :smiley: I went to law school because, sappy as it sounds, I wanted to be a public servant - and now I am one. That rocks.

Anyway, I just wanted to say - thank you, AmeriDopers, for paying (a portion of) my salary. And health insurance premiums. Oh, and for contributing to my Thrift Savings Plan. And the paid vacation time, as well as the federal holidays, are a particularly nice touch. :smiley: Thanks, folks!

Welcome to the club! Don’t forget the paid training and relocations!

C.p.–8 years, gov’t stooge.


Thanks! But are we stooges or drones? I’d rather thought of myself as a soulless drone.

I’m jealous, I’m about two years away from finishing my masters and then I can apply to be a federal drone (stooge?). It has been my goal for quite a while.


You know, it only gets good after fifteen years.


12/16 will be 23 years for me - not that I’m counting or anything!

I was a federal employee for 30 years before I took early retirement. The best part (besides the job security) was that I wasn’t required to use my leave in week-long segments, which meant I could take a lot of Fridays, and the occasional Monday, off for weekend trips.

Congratulations! I got in through the clerkship program as well.

To the OP, will you be living in the DC area? Or as a Fed somewhere in America?

Welcome! You will be assimilated.

I have played trivia with a bunch of co-workers as the “Faceless Bureaucrats”, so you could consider that nickname.

October will make 19 years of Federal Service for me.

Six years for me. I’m never leaving.

When you’re a federal lawyer working against private firms, it’s especially sweet just going home for the weekend, when you know they’ll be working the whole time.


Uh, any of you fed lawyers got a job for me out there?


I hit 35 years last July. I could retire in January, but I’m hanging around for a few more years - at least till I get my house re-roofed.

I’m an engineer, not a lawyer, and 11 of my years were in uniform, but still, my entire adult life has been spent in government service, and it’s been a pretty good career. I’ve dealt with my share of crap, but watching my spousal unit deal with the ins and outs of being an engineer in private industry, well, it more than made up for the crap.

And it’s nice being told “No, we’re not authorizing overtime, so don’t come in this weekend…” And due to the nature of my work, I can’t bring it home either. I love my job!

I prefer Stooge–someone’s always trying to poke my eyes.

I am a mere state government employee, but welcome to the ranks! It doesn’t always have to be “good enough for government work.”

Have you been fitted for your hobnailed jackboots yet?

No, seriously - congrats, and thank you for your service to our country.