I'm a man but.....

I have the biggest man-crush on fucking Patrick Stewart it’s not even funny

After seeing picard.ytmnd.com I was totally blown away

I am a slight trekkie… I like star trek a lot, but i haven’t seen every episode. I’ve probably seen 10 TOS and 20 TNG episodes. That’s not the point. I really like Patrick Stewart. He’s such a nice fellow, I gather. It’s amazing the way he is so comfortable with his having been Jean-Luc Picard and also a Shakespearian actor as well. He combines two roles that would ordinarily be incompatible. Yet he does it with grace. He is totally in his element as the leader of a geek TV show and also as a respected actor.
And he has a great sense of humor about it…

Plus he’s BALD! He’s a man of great charisma and he’s bald! How much more could you ask for? I mean…I’m slightly balding. I’ll probably never get to his stage. But still, he went bald when he was 19 or so and after a few years he OWNED it. He decided. Okay, I’m bald. I’m not going to let it affect my work.

Finally there’s this…Him on Ricky Gervais’ Extras…

He’s so comfortable in his own skin that he can make a joke like this…Man…I wish I could hang out with him and know him. If only all actors could be so humble.

As a hetrosexual male I am comfortable with saying I like some men. Not ‘like’ as in have the hots for or want to have sex with, but just plain like them like you like a particular TV show/child/soft drink/computer game.

They make you feel good. You would like being with them if you happened to know them personally. In that sense I also like Patric Stewart, and Ian Mcklelan, and Matt Damon (but not Ben Affleck or Adam Sandler)

Or Maybe I got that wrong. Maybe I am simply describing friendship and there is something that is different from that that might enable a person who believes he or she is hetrosexual to find himself ‘fancying’ one particular person of the same sex.

Craig Kilborn.

:: swoon ::

Don’t tell Dave, I’m going over his house tomorrow to watch football and drink some beers.

Who’s Craig Killborn? And who’s Dave?

Craig: Sports, TV, and movie celebrity.

Dave: My testosterone driven best friend and fantasy football commish.

Well now you know who Craig is, Dave’s the guy standing next to that bloke on the balcony in St. Peters Square, I forget his name :smiley:

I dunno… Steve Perry, the singer for Journey, what with the way his long hair flows about, that I could be sympathetic with. Or somebody adorable like Richard Simmons whom you’d just want to scoop up and pet, well, that I can imagine. But leaderly, urbane, bald types? That I don’t get.

Patrick Stewart is a god. I hadn’t seen any Star Trek: TNG episodes until someone loaned us Season 1 on DVD. We’ve now flown through Season 2 and are in the middle of Season 3. I think it’s pretty much the best show ever–but I am acutely aware that Patrick Stewart makes that show. The show is excellently written, but its quality really could not compare if it weren’t for his extraordinary acting abilities. Then there is his excellent performance in X-men, and pretty much anything else he’s ever been in.

I’m female, but among the men I know, including some serious actors, Patrick Stewart is unquestionably boss.


You watched the first two seasons of The Next Generation and have only gotten halfway through the third and think it’s the best show ever? I’m not sure whether I should be amused or terrified. Those were some of the worst seasons of the entire twenty-seven season franchise.

The good news is that if you loved them, then the next three seasons (including the half you’ve just watched) should just be about orgasmic for you.

I tend to like it when Patrick Stewart does voice acting. Mostly because what I’ve seen of him doing voice acting has been comedy and he pulls it off nicely. There’s Homer the Great in the Simpsons with him as Number One, and of course he’s the CIA director in American Dad. Stewart’s singing “I Love Little Girls” was hilarious.

I saw this little Irish movie called Dad Savage starring Stewart as Dad Savage and his stock as an actor went down in my book after the viewing. Really bad acting, forever changed my view of him. He definitely doesn’t have any range as an actor.

I like to watch this video and imagine that he is singing to me sigh.