I'm a Noob

This is just me. Introducing myself. Because I’m a noob.

I used to be on alt.fan.cecil-adams, but I don’t want to talk about it. Unless you know me from there, in which case, I’m going to run and hide for another 3 or 4 years.

Unless you were cool. If you were cool, I’ll stay.

Or not.

I blog now. And I know about stuff. And I’m really a lot more intelligent than this sounds. And I’ve read Cecil forever. So here I am. Nervously awaiting your approval…


L & k,

I’m not a Cecil addict, but I’ve been here about 8 years…
Welcome! You’ll fit in just fine, and stop sounding so apologetic! Jump in with both feet, and splash everybody!


Just don’t splash the squid. He won’t like it. He might…do things to you.

Welcome and stay.

Cool? Oh dear, you’ve come to the wrong place. :smiley:

We’re all noobs at something. Welcome!

Hi, noob-type person! Welcome!

Now…Goat or squid? :smiley:

Heyyy, BaileyC. :slight_smile: You look familar, do I know you? :wink:

Welcome to the SDMB. I hope you stick around for a long time.
On preview: I see Kat has posted above me. Anytime Kat welcomes you, it’s a good thing!

Goats have scary eyes. Definitely squid.

Now you’re going to grow ADDICTED and never be able to leave. Muahahahahah!

Well, I’ve been addicted to worse things. I think.

Seriously, I’m going to bed now. Nighty night!

Have a great one!

Wecome aboard!

I’m still pretty noobish, myself. The more the merrier.

No fair! How come I never got to see the squid, or the goat, eh?

Wait a minute, goats don’t have eyes the size of dinner plates. How scary is that?

Goats have a tendancy to look evil, though. Squids never have that evil vibe about them.

Square pupils, though. That’s just WRONG.

You did, you were a quivering puddle of concentrated madness on the floor, no surprise your mind blocked out the memory. We could show you the pictures though… when you bring your SO over for dinner with us.

Tell that to Ned Land.:stuck_out_tongue:


You mean there was a choice?

I was assured that it was both!

:Starts plotting revenge:

Welcome, welcome! :slight_smile:

Ice cream? It’s [del]still moving[/del] fresh!

BaileyC, it’s traditional for new members to start a GD thread about their political views. Your thoughts on religion would be welcome as well. The broader your statements the better; that’s just more to debate!


I’m kidding, of course. Unless you LIKE the idea of walking into a buzzsaw…