I'm a Scrooge this year

Me: Are there no vaccines?

Them: There are.

Me: I’m very glad to hear it.

Them: Many would rather die than take the vaccine.

Me: If they would rather die, they had better do it, and decrease the surplus unvaccinated!

I my humor a little too dark for a response?

What type of response are you seeking?

Agreement? Disagreement? Cheers? Boos? Anything…

No response is ok too. I figured I send out a prompt and see what happens.

Send out some actual humor and see what happens.


At the risk of pointing out the obvious, before his epiphany, Scrooge’s utterances and moral posturings were seldom worthy of emulation.

Is that maybe the point you are making, that you’ve turned into a bad person?

The exclamation point ruined it.

(so did all the words)


DOH! :grinning:

No, no - HUMOR! But don’t feel as if you need to keep trying, certainly on my account.


Tough crowd!

Judging from the reception so far, I think OP has fairly well illuminated the prevailing mood of the board. I know I haven’t laughed in months.

I can’t imagine any crowd that would be impressed with that “joke.” Or maybe I’m just not getting it.

And you’re not afraid to say so. I bow before your superior sense of humour.

Okay, now I’m curious. What’s the joke? If vaccinated people die, we have more vaccines for the rest of us? I suppose that’s true, but not terribly funny.

As Red Skelton said, “ I just do 'em , folks, I don’t explain 'em .”

“It’s enough for a man to understand his own jokes…”

The reference is mainly what makes it a joke. He’s taken something awful Scrooge says, and, with just a few changes, said something that it’s hard to actually disagree with. Normally being a Scrooge would be a bad thing, but here it’s pretty inarguable.

The difference (also for @Novelty_Bobble’s sake) is that poor people don’t choose to be poor, but antivaxxers choose to refuse the vaccine. Working in the poor houses is horrible and miserable, but taking a vaccine is no big deal.

Ebenezer Scrooge, like many dedicated capitalist social Dawinists of his own time and ours, would have disagreed. “Poverty”, they argue, “only afflicts the deserving.”

That’s another level of awful in this “joke”.

It is very easy to disagree with it,seeing as it is the wishing of death on millions of people.
I think anti-vaxxers are idiotic and their reasoning is horribly flawed but I still manage to stop short of hoping that they die and attempting a joke about it.

No patronising tone needed thanks very much, the differences in the situations are obvious enough but equally obvious is the real desire to be rid of a group of humans that you dislike.

OK, now this is one of the funniest threads around here in a long time.