I'm a sucker for a great pair of legs

I’m a sucker for a great pair of legs. I have no idea why some men are turned on by some parts of the female body and not others, all I know is that a great pair of legs really does it for me, while breasts aren’t really a big deal.

Wrap them up in a nice skirt and slip them into a pair of knee-high boots, and my higher cognitive brain functions get short-circuited. Slide them into a pair of stockings and I lose the power of speech. So ladies, if you got 'em, flaunt 'em! Make my day and flash those gams!

You bored Bib? I’ll keep my legs firmly under wraps for now, they’re not very shapely. :slight_smile:

Amen brother!

… there’s not much left to look at :smiley:

Bored and frisky - always a good combination. :wink:

Depends on how short the skirt is, but even a great pair of knees can make my day. :smiley:

I like the butt.
Funny thing is, a funny looking pair of knees can put me right off, but I like an overbite.
Buck toothed girls with slim hands and a big butt? HEAVEN!

A shapely female butt is certainly an object worthy of worship, yes indeedy. One of my office co-workers has an ass so fine, it’s a shame she has to sit on it. It’s a miracle I ever get any work done around here, I tell ya.

Nothing like a pair of legs that go right on up and make an ass of themselves.

I can never pick a favourite part. When I’m looking at a nice pair of legs, I’m a leg-man. When I’m looking at a nice ass, I’m an ass-man. When I’m looking at a nice pair of breasts, I’m a tit-man. Sometimes, the waist does it for me. Sometimes, a pretty back. Sometimes, long flowing hair. I guess I just love women.

I always enjoyed the first part of The Man Who Loved Women where Reynolds sees the shapely pair strolling above through a skylight.

I like the entire woman, preferably with a little honey, a slow hand, and a Lot of time.

The first time I ever had “love” at first sight, it was this petite little girl from Iowa. I was 21, she was 19.

She was visiting her Texan cousin, who happened to be a good friend of mine. I show up to borrow or return a tool or something, and here comes this goddess from around back.

She had a longish med brown hair, hazel eyes, and a very slight overbite. She had a tendency to look up at you with her eyes, while her head was slightly down, and she would bite her lip. She also had the flattest stomach of any woman of any age I’ve ever seen, before or since.

But, when she said “Hi” wth that little eyes-looking-up thing, and then biting her lower lip… I wanted to do her right there, on the ground, in front of everyone.

Sure, lust, not love. But man, it was powerful. She stayed the whole Summer and we had loads and loads of fun. There’s a certain pose of hers that involves her looking up and that overbite, but I’ll leave it to your imagination as I don’t want to come across like a sex monkey.

Recently, while doing a job in Iowa, I was near her home town and was really tempted to go look for her. I was involved at the time, though, so I didn’t stray. But, it sure was a tempting thought.

Hey, little Iowa girl! Remember me?

Frisky? Moi? Whatever gave you that idea? Its a pity I can’t link to individual photos from ianzin’s website, or I’d point out a rather nice photo (if I do say so myself) of my arse.

Sorry, I meant that I was bored and frisky. Apologies if I inadvertantly impugned your honour, babe.

Er, I think the DopeFest pics kind of did that.

Does it matter the size of the heel on the boots? 0" - 2.5" don’t do much for me unless they have really really small feet. And don’t even consider those stupid platforms. Who ever thought platforms are sexy?

And poke around for pictures of chicks in Ballet Boots. :wink:

She doesn’t work in my office anymore, but there used to be this girl I worked with who was so beyond hot I could hardly stand it. After having worked with her for over 3 years, I still get amazed at what an incredible ass she has when she drops by.

Thing is, I grew to (as my buddy puts it) really loathe her after a while. But I still would’ve done her in a moment’s notice if I thought I had the slightest chance.

If you need some help, my email address is in my profile :wink:

You could just look at the entire page of photos. :wink: