I'm a zayde

Zayde is Yiddish for grampa. Our granddaughter was born this morning, so we’re very excited. She’s over 8 lbs and 20", and mother and daughter are doing well. Our son, however, Son of Dex who used to post here occasionally, is a nervous wreck.

Congratulations Dex! You finally get to enjoy the best part about having kids – spoiling their kids and then sending them home. Enjoy!

Mazel Tov, zayde! Spoil her well. :smiley:

Félicitations! Best wishes to all the Dexter Havens!

Wow, Congratulations to all of your family! That is one strapping baby girl… Tell your son to rest up, he’s going to need his sleep for a while. :slight_smile:

Dude, you’re too young to be a grandfather. You still have your whole life ahead of you, you’re supposed to be living it up!

If you hurry you can sneak out the back with me and we’ll paint the town red together. Yes, on a Sunday night, no one will see it coming!


What’s Yiddish for “old fart”?

Mazal tov!

Where are the pictures?

Mazel tov!

If Son of Dex is a wreck now, what will he be like after those first three months? Middlebro likes kids (he even liked kids when he was one) but the 3-months-after-birth point has been the lowest for him both times. Is Son of Dex at least able to hold his daughter without fainting or looking for safer arms into which to deposit her?


Now go spoil her silly.

Mazel Tov! May Hashem bring your family happiness.


Set phasers to “spoil”!

Congratulations! You (and her stunned papa) might just want to start taking yoga so you won’t get a nasty cramp from being wrapped around that baby’s little finger.

Congratulations! (And…pictures?)

Congratulations, Dex! The new arrival couldn’t have a finer set of grandparents!

congrats. Sending out good thoughts to you and your new family! How do you pronounce zayde?


Congrats, gramps!



Congratulations to Dex and family.

What’s the little one’s name?


Just remember, when you get tired of her, you can send her back. :wink: