I'm annulled!

Yes, at 9:19 this morning, my horrible nightmare of a marrige was annulled! Took all of about 90 seconds, since the “respondent” didn’t show up! haha!


Okay, here I go with the “I don’t want a boyfriend, I just want to have sex” phase… haha!

A girl

Yea for you!!! :slight_smile:

Well, aren’t you going to give us the juicy details about how the marriage came to be???

combing my hair and trying to look good

How long were you married?
and why the anullment?

you can’t possibly leave us hanging now that you’ve announced this tidbit of info.

oh, and whens the party?

Hey! Now you and Darve Conger have something in common.

Kidding. Just kidding.


[envious]Cheers to a new beginning and lots of great, meaningless sex!!![/envious]

Well, the story is pretty long.

He basically told me:

He was British. That he came to this country when he was 20. That he had two kids. That he was 41. That he was on Saturday Night Live once in a band. There’s more, but I’m trying to put it behind me and I can’t really type it all out right now anyway.

It was all BS. He had three kids, the last one he was still paying $500 a month in child support for. He was from Santa Monica, he was 44, he was not on SNL.

Everybody at his work still thinks he’s from England. He’s been working there for almost 10 years. He speaks with an accent and uses the vernacular.

Along with this, he had a bunch of other problems that he forgot to mention, like he’s supposed to be on Zoloft and stuff. He’d buy me jewelry and tell me it was real and it wasn’t. He’d get online under my SN and go through my mail and who knows what else for hours at a time while guarding his own stuff with a password. He’d go to the British store and buy candy bars and tell me his mom from England sent them, this is before we were living together. He’d fly into horrible rages over things like having to sit in traffic, or waiting in line at the grocery store. He’d sign whatever a salesperson stuck under his nose, like 2nd mortgages for 20% interest and car leases for cars we couldn’t afford and stuff like that. He told me he was making more money than he was, told me he had all these credit cards and forgot to mention that they were all FULL.

He kept all his problems and stuff hidden from me until we were on our way home from Vegas after getting married, was when I saw the very start of it, and then once I was living with him, there was no way he could hide it anymore.

It never occured to me that somebody would lie about stuff like this, so I just believed what he told me until things weren’t making sense… then I’d do a little house searching and, wa-la! The truth! Then he’d swear after each one that that was it, no more secrets. But there was always another one…

Now every guy I go out with has to have a polygraph test, full background check, and lots of ID.

A girl

What a freak! Good riddance!!!


This sounds very familiar to a situation a dear friend of mine found herself in. Lies, more lies, evasiveness, hidden financial problemns (gambling, nose candy, compulsive spending on big items). Extreme over-possessiveness to the point where he didn’t even want her talking on the phone.

Unfortunately, she endured this for two years, and when they divorced she was stuck fending off the creditors. Most of the accounts were joint; and some he even forged her name/signature on.

She has filed bankruptcy and is basically a mess. At least there were no kids. Oh, how I wish she would have gotten an anulment before it came to this.

Congratulations!!! I’m thrilled for you, and slightly envious… I tried to get an annulment from my first husband, but could not. Heartfelt congratulations to you for managing.

Oh, and in keeping with the story telling portion:

Why? I was 17 and stupid. End of story. :slight_smile:

Oy vey! Whatta story! Buying candy bars at the British store…un-f’ing-believable.

I’m sorry you had to go through that…but it would make a great basis for a novel. Screw the fanfic–write a book!

Oh, boy. This is but one of many, many wacky adventures that is my life… if one more person tells me I should write a book… haha!

Nobody would believe it!

A girl

Annulment - who says life doesn’t have a reset button?

If it makes you happy, it can’t be that bad. Congrats.

I call him my “un” husband, instead of my ex.

hee hee!
A girl

Just one question, His name wasn’t John B. was it ?

No, Rick M.

But who knows, he may have used different names before.

A girl

sheesh, good for you.
not for nothin’… but vegas wasn’t a clue?
I feel for you A girl, and as usual, that comment i just made probably sounds like i’m a dick, (i’m real good at unintentionally doing that) but my curiosity reigns right now.

Go forth, and enjoy your new life. Hope to god or whatever’s out there you don’t have to deal with that again. Been through it myself, only i actually cought her in the act, and took back the engagement ring.

Too bad, there’s a great title you could use:

“This is the story of ‘A girl’…”


Well, I am 15, have a student ID, and have no prison record. Wow, I sound a whole lot better than that guy! Email me if you are interested. By the way, we CAN get married if we move to Kentucky.

Hey, Vegas was MY idea! haha!

But I’ve learned my lesson! Next time I’m going all out!

A girl