I'm available, can't you see my bananas?

In a recent Snopes article about the history of the shopping cart, they claim that:

“In some parts of the United States, hanging a bunch of bananas through the wires of one’s shopping cart has at times been a way for a male shopper to indicate his desire to meet up with women in the market for a bit of hanky-panky. Similarly, the presence of a pineapple in a woman’s cart is said to indicate an interest in meeting a bananas-fostered man.”

Having never heard this bit of lore before, I’m wondering is this true (Google searches turned up nothing)? What “parts of the United States” does this occur in?

God help any poor woman who just wants to eat her damn pineapple in peace.

“Really love your pineapples, wanna jiggle your cart” … nah.

Do you find my banana appealing? :smiley:

Great. Now you guys have stuck images of a “Saturday” sans cottage cheese in my head.

I’ve never heard of anything like this. It must only be common in parts of the country where men & women are afraid to make eye contact with each other.


Someone’s bound to ask- “Saturday” = healthy Sundae alternative shown in ads between Saturday morning cartoons. Consisted of half a peeled banana mounted in a pineapple ring surrounded by cottage cheese. Bleech.

From “Designing Women”:

Two men, one cart, fresh pasta … Girl you are wasting your time there

Nope, yogurt. And don’t forget the grape!

Put a half a banana in a pineapple ring
Add yogurt, creamy smooth
Pop a grape on top and that’s
A Saturday for you…

Hey, is that a banana in your cart, or are you just happy to see me?

Strange as it may be, I have actually heard the thing about the pineapple. Not that this helps anyone at all because damned if I can remember where I heard it!

However, the banana thing is new to me. I would suggest Freud as the originator.

Pineapple does not make sense. If bananas emulate penises, a couple of grapefruits would do (or apples for small- breasted women.

So that’s what that was about. He was indicating his desire to meet the women in the market…

Standing in line at the Montrose Kroger, this guy started chatting with me. He was bald with a big moustache, wearing black boots, leather trousers and tack, and all he was buying was a dozen roses and a bunch of bananas.

You wouldn’t believe what I had thought…

I thought it was “I really love your peaches, want to shake your tree”

[sub]No smartass comments whether I’m a picker, grinner, lover, sinner, joker, smoker or midnight toker, please.[/sub]

so what does one do if they want to meet someone of the same sex? tie some cucumbers together between a watermelon?

Mea culpa, Kat. I must’ve been confusing it with nachos, Flanders-style.