I'm discouraged! (I thought I had made a new friend.)

There’s something confusing about the OP that I’m not sure I understand:

Did you see a picture of her initially, to surmise that she was a beautiful girl and gorgeous young lady? If so, why were you later surprised that she was younger, black and 5’10"?

If you saw no picture initially, what did you use as your basis to describe her as beautiful, young, and gorgeous?

FTR, I have no problem talking about sex. Ambivilad’s post says:

“You sound like the definifion of “Nice Guy”. You only wanted to be “friends” with this girl because you thought she was hot and you were hoping to get in her pants.”

That’s just not true. :rolleyes:

Yes, she had a picture up right from the start. I knew she was black and guessed she was younger. I was surprised that she was THAT tall when she expanded her profile, and I learned she had a child and was catholic after that.

So you would just as likely have clicked on her profile and initiated conversation if she were plain looking or flat-out ugly?

I was attracted to her if that’s what you’re asking.

Edit: I *think *I know what you’re asking. If I just wanted to be friends, why did I click on her instead of someone plain?? Like I said:

“…who knows what could happen if we ‘hit it off’.”

Meaning, I might have had a shot at being more than ‘just friends’.

Oh, and good looking girls often have good looking friends, so… even if we were ‘just friends’, I might have been included, or introduced to people, in her circle.

Zoomed out far enough to see the halo, eh?


I really wish I could show you all her picture. She’s SO pretty, it’s tragic she’s the way she is. :frowning:

Bob Ducca

Thanks for the advice! I’ll try my best to present myself in a good light, and let my driving limitations and SSD issues come up organically, trying not to make them out to be a big deal.

I don’t feel comfortable lying… but if the opportunity comes up, maybe I’ll tell a fib or two. I do like the; “I’m between jobs right now” tactic. I won’t feel guilty because it’s true.

As far as sex is concerned, seeing that it’s all some of you guys seem to think that I’m thinking, I’m not looking for casual sex. My medication really doesn’t help my sex drive. That and I’ve had very limited experience with sex/making love. If you look at my history on these board, you’ll see that I even started a thread a while back asking; “Is sex overrated?”.

Three things:

  1. Maybe I’ve been with the wrong partners.

  2. As mentioned, my meds.

  3. Having sex too soon in a relationship can lead to drama. When this gal and I texted each other, I definitely got the impression that she’s not looking for sex until a relationship’s been established.


And you base this opinion on what?

Well, a past experience. :frowning:

Just be aware that I said it *CAN *lead to drama.

Yeah, but waiting too long can lead to romcom. Which is much worse.

I don’t know… How long are we talking? I know each situation’s different, but generally, how long do you wait to have sex?

No set amount of time, but there should be a sexual energy/chemistry between you. There should be the aura of “we’re waiting an arbitrary amount of time but at some point we’re definitely getting it on.”

NICE!! :D:cool:

Is it three dates? I keep hearing that, but it sounds like it would be too soon for me.

Edit: I was responding to the post you edited. About you and your wife.

Heh, yeah… I decided she might not like me sharing certain info since there are a few real life people that know me on here.


My bad!

This sounds way too similar. I posted this on Friday.

Her profile also stated she was religious and used prayer. She messaged me again, and I basically said “Look, you’re 21 years younger then me, you’re religious, and I’m not. I don’t think we have much in common.” She stopped messaging me after that. I honestly wonder it it’s the same lady.

I read that. :slight_smile:

This young woman doesn’t live in DC.

Whew. It does sound eerily similar though. At this point in my life I know what I DON’T want in any future relationship. And I sure as hell don’t want religion to be any part of it, at all. Fuck that.