I'm driving to the Washington Coast today!

Well, I’ll be jumping in my hoopty and putting the petal to the metal today. Reckon I’ll be stopping around noon tomorrow when I run out of North American Continent to go west on.

For a week or two of fun in the sand & mist. I plan on murdering a salmon on Saturday and eating its flesh as the sun sets. Probably as the tide goes out I’ll wade in and pick up a couple dozen clams and cook 'em over a campfire. Of course I’ll have to comb a few miles of empty beach for sand dollars & crab pot bouys. Back in the day you could find glass fishing net floats–hollow glass balls varying in sizes from grapefruit to basketball. I think they go with styrofoam now though. No matter. And then I’ll probably have to get out the kite and buzz that around for a couple hours while knocking out some beers. And then the locals are known for discharging several megatons of illegal fireworks over the ocean on the 4th of July, that should be entertaining. And then, when I’ve had all I can stand I’ll have to see what’s left of the Olympic Rain Forest–who besides Weyerhauser even knows it’s there–and remind myself what REAL trees look like.

Yes. Very good things.

You have my envy. Going alone or with friends?

Inigo has no friends. This is a one-man show.

Chatelaine is a friendless wonder, too. Still, though, time alone on the beach? To think and kick back? Chill without someone yammering at you? Heaven. Have a great time.