I'm frightened for my country

This is what I think about the Stormy Daniels arrest. No proof, just based on the character of the POTUS and the people he surrounds himself with. I’m afraid because apparently Trump’s thugs managed to pressure the police into arresting Stormy Daniels. And since he is wealthy and IS the president they didn’t dare say no. He is a creep by just his actions and comments about women but to do something like this, he has to be hugely naive to think the American people would ever believe this was a legitimate arrest (charges were dismissed) but there are people out there who think what she does is a sin, but what he does is fine. Usually those orthodox Christians who think God has spoken to them about sin. Deluded. There have been many nations on earth that have come and gone but they usually last longer than 200+ years. Looks like we aren’t going to make it much past that point until this man-whore, cretin brings us down.

Take a deep breath, go for a walk, and back off the ledge.

From what I’ve read, it was just part of a vice operation. Perhaps some small town co (Ok, Columbus isn’t a small town, but still) just wanted to make a name for himself.

The charges against her were dismissed, anyway. And if Trump really wanted to have her put away, don’t you think he could managed something more serious to charge her with than a lousy misdemeanor? I don’t see anything other than a routine vice violation which ended up getting dropped.

While I find OP’s specific example very unconvincing, I am also frightened for my country.

I’ve bookmarked(*) this song sung for the Inauguration of January 2009 Look at the joy and optimism on the many faces singing along. :slight_smile: I watch wistfully.
Just nine years later, we live in a completely different country. :frowning:

The 38% of America that wants to hate reacted with hate to the joy of 2009 and turned out in 2016 to elect a Hater-in-Chief. Perhaps the Democrats will regain control in the coming decade—though I wouldn’t count on it—but even if they do, the country will never be the same again. That joy and optimism will be tainted for the foreseeable future. Historians debate what event or even century to associate with the downfall of the Roman Empire, but all thinking Americans alive today know exactly what event will mark America’s downfall in history books a century from now.

I am frightened. But mostly I am extremely saddened for my country.

(* - I’m not sure when I bookmarked this video. But checking the timestamp just now I see I downloaded it on October 29, 2016! :eek: )

Minorities in this country have been arrested, detained, brutally beaten, and killed, in huge numbers, for years, for basically no reason at all; thousands of people have been locked in cages for having a plant; we have a private prison industry that stays in business by packing warehouses full of human beings against their will; and it’s the arrest of Stormy Daniels that is finally the last straw for you?

I think another word for those “Christians” would be a better descriptor than “orthodox” which is a legitimate religious denomination (though usually capitalized.)

Also, I think the OP should seriously consider using a less confrontational signature. Capping off every post with that statement about religion essentially turns the post into Debate material and, frankly, is arrogant.

That’s some mighty fine TDS there, contradancer. Mighty fine.

Except this is Trump. It’s completely believable he would do something like this.

This is not the first time Clifford has been threatened. There there have been two other occasions where some stranger would approach her in public and tell her she shouldn’t bother Trump if she knew what was good for her. No proof that these people actually worked for Trump. But does it really matter if people are seeking out his “enemies” at his orders or on their own initiative?

Trump himself has spoken about people using “second amendment remedies” against his political opponents. And he’s a fanboy of people like Putin, Xi, Kim, and Duterte who have their political enemies killed.

No. It is not.

The US has always had traits of dictatorship towards people society doesn’t value. Ask black people in Mississippi in 1940 about the bill of rights, see what they say.

I do worry, because about 30 million American voters don’t respect democracy or western values, and another 30 million voters are their enablers.

I think we are becoming like Poland or turkey. Angry rural folks upset by multiculturalism and turning back the clock on western values.

I used to think as they died off, the country would get better. But who knows. Maybe their kids will be just as bad.

Your concern is perfectly valid. However, I would advise that you do not panic just yet. Let’s see how the midterm elections go. If my fellow stupid fucking Americans allow Republicans control, then I wouldn’t blame you for losing hope. But at least give it till November.


Wouldn’t it be better if he backs off the ledge first, THEN goes for a walk?

Inside the mind of Donald J. Trump:

“How can I humiliate Stormy Daniels and get her to leave me alone? I know. I’ll send some vice cops into the strip club where she’s dancing and wait until she touches them. They’ll arrest her and maybe she’ll get ten days in jail and a $500 fine. That’ll shut the bitch up. What? She’s not a regular dancer there, so they dropped the charges? Curses, foiled again!”

It’s just an acorn, Chicken Little. :rolleyes:

If I’m reading you right, you’re proposing that there’s a plan too stupid for Trump to attempt. I’m not sure I agree with that logic.

Now, if you wanted to make the argument that it’s would be too hard for him to exercise this much executive power, on account of it requiring him to do more than move his thumbs (which are highly toned after extensive phone and TV remote usage), then you might have a point there.

I kind of think some local Trump loving LEO thought this up on his own. I believe it was related to who she is, but I don’t see President PeePee’s tiny handprints on it.

The timeline disagrees. The US was already like this. Poland and Turkey are following your lead. Perhaps because (imaginary quote) “If the Americans are acting this way, we’re in danger unless we do the same”.

The Russians, being larger and more powerful than Poland or Turkey, are just exercising their fingers in response; left-hand middle finger up, right-hand index finger on the red button.

I was born in CA. My ancestors landed here in the 1700’s. I’m American. I’m not extensively traveled but I have lived in Australia, Poland, Germany, Lithuania. In Vilnius I took a walk through the underground torture chambers and prison in a large building downtown. On the top floor lived the SS and their families. Don’t want to relive what they did to those people down below. Most were Jews, grabbed off the streets with no warning. The people walking around in a town freed from the Russians only a scant two years prior to when I lived there, when you looked into their eyes they were haunted by memories of an indescribable fear. I reacted by often having this dread in the pit of my stomach, like I was taking on their experiences. I saw the pits where the Germans just dumped dead bodies, not far out of town. I am not normally melodramatic, but Trump has created this possibility for Americans and dragged it over that line I never thought we would cross in my lifetime. Stormy being arrested adds one more thing as we creep towards that nightmare of living like they do in, for example, the Congo or the Philippines. well, you have to see it and feel it. I hope to God Trump is not reelected and has to suffer the consequences of his maniacal decisions. I believe in the implications of the small things people do. He forced an aged woman and her brother to walk miles every day to haul water to their small farm because one of his golf courses disrupted their water supply. He has no kindness, no compassion, just a dick that he wants to put in every female he can get away with. That is his definition of manhood. He’s pitiful and very, very dangerous. I’m not sure about my handle? I used to contradance, so I used it.

His group of thugs, there for many years, just follow orders. Get some dirt on that broad I can use later if this ever goes to court. Or that I can bring up later when I’m running for re-election and spouting all kinds of promises, bringing in people like this sinful woman who accused him falsely. Listen, I have a brother in law who is a fundamentalist preacher. They are evil if you are not part of their belief system. It’s a good way to get votes.

Um, can I see a cite for that?

The elderly woman is called Mollie Forbes. Here’s some background