My fears for my country

I’m old now, 80 in a couple of years. I lived in villnius, Lithuania less than two years after the Soviets left. I saw that haunted, hollow look in the eyes of the people. I am so afraid of Trump and his sick ideas. He has been diagnosed by a prominent psychiatrist as a person who is exclusively inward, and with the added characteristic of sadism. That is why he goes after you if you cross him. He has a public reason to ruin your life but down deep he finds joy in it. He also has charm (listen to how he uses his voice) to pull people in. He is of course a liar, whatever brings him what he covets. Hitler was a sicko, but even without instagram he managed to mesmerize millions of Germans and to convince them to allow 6 million people to die in concentration camps because they were mostly Jewish.
there were also homosexuals, and various others he disapproved of. I’m sure he had a name for them just like trump. He has a small vocabulary but uses those words over and over like that revolving turnstile that ruined Dukasis’s bid for the white house.

This person says perfectly what happened in Germany and what can happen overnight in the united States. Even if we vote trump out he will start his own White House and try to form his own party. He has already started the takeover. I hope I will be dead, but I fear for my children and grandchildren. He is a vicious, cruel, sick human being without a conscience; he doesn’t even know what he is doing is wrong, so you can’t talk him out of it. He has already moved the lines to define who can vote where in a large number of states. Did you agree to that? His wife and son don’t even live with him. Melenia is trapped, tied to her son.

I was stupid like everyone else. Who in the world ever thought in a million years that the entire senate (minus one) would not convict him of the heinous crimes he has committed? If all those old white men are that afraid of him something is very wrong with what I thought was a safe and controlled government. It turns out it depends on people being honest, ethical and moral. None of which was present.

Please don’t reelect him. It is the road to hell and the loss of our dear country. And he will never go away until he dies. His children as we speak are being groomed to take over.

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‘Bernie or Bust 2.0!’


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The entire senate did not acquit him: all the GOP senators minus one did, and they’re the majority, but keep in mind that 46 senators didn’t vote to acquit. And remember that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, so many Americans don’t like him.

I agree that Donald Trump has some mental/emotional issues. He’s a terrible president. But of bigger concern to me is Mitch McConnell and the Senate GOP’s. And an even bigger concern is voters who are, apparently, uninformed and gullible and whose prejudices and hatred mirror the president’s.

I hope Trump is not re-elected. If he is, we’re screwed in so many ways.

On a related note, I just saw a video someone posted somewhere where a guy was ranting vehemently about Freedom of Speech and how no one should be arrested for saying words, because blah blah blah. At first I was reluctant to watch the video, because who wants to be subjected to several minutes of a guy shouting (other than, maybe, Lewis Black)? But the poster put forth the impression that I was missing something, so I thought, maybe I can just watch it muted, with captions. The video offered me caption options of “Off” or “Russian (Auto-Generated)”. (The video was in English.)

And so it begins.

Americans who don’t see what is happening to their country remind us of the apocryphal frog who didn’t note the water’s gradual rise in temperature. Or of the Germans who saw Hitler as a charismatic pro-Christian anti-communist.

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But, to torture the example, you don’t run Stalin [DEL][COLOR=“Black”]Sanders[/DEL][/COLOR] against Hitler [DEL][COLOR=“Black”]Trump[/DEL][/COLOR] when the electorate really wants Churchill [DEL][COLOR=“Black”]a conservative Republican[/DEL][/COLOR] but will settle for Roosevelt [DEL][COLOR=“Black”]a moderate, liberal, Democrat[/DEL][/COLOR].

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Ignorance will kill us.

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Your analogy is wrong. Sanders is Roosevelt, not Stalin.

Argumentum ad Nazium always works great when it comes to mobilizing public opinion, as do assertions by shrinks who’ve never examined the patient*.

*a practice recognized as unethical.

Unethical, perhaps (well, not perhaps. Definitely). But is it accurate?

I agree, to normal sane people.

The people that would never pull the lever for Trump on the other hand?
The people that coined the word Hitlery?

To those people, in a race between Stalin and Sanders, Stalin is the lesser of the two, very, evils.

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Given that the Republiopaths have been systematically trying to dismantle, diminish and/or destroy everything FDR ever did, clearly the man must have been consummate evil. I mean, they have proven that his New Deal prolonged the Great Depression.

Safari’s I can tell - that was meh, to throw some shade on that.

I’m feeling like the anti Rip Van Winkle. (Almost) Everyone has slept for the last forty years and I’m the only one that’s been awake and remembers it all.

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Trump worships Putin and Bernie worships Noriega and Castro.

Remember that a bunch of everyone else were not even born in the past fifty years. Back in '88, during the election period, an 18~something young woman at work said to me, “Wouldn’t it be funny if the First Lady (prospectively Kitty Dukakis at the time) had a drug problem, since, you know, the First Lady’s thing is ‘just say no’”. I may have mentioned the Betty Ford Clinic.